Your Luxury Vay-Kay Without Relying On Pay-Day

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If you had to drop the term ‘holiday’ into a category, it would fall nicely into the one labeled ‘luxuries’. There are two reasons for this. The first is that no one needs a holiday. You might need a holiday, but you don’t need a holiday. The second reason is that the word holiday tends to be synonymous with expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s right. So long as you know the best tips, tricks, and bits of advice, you could be well on your way to having your dream holiday for a fraction of the price and, well, the more you save on the necessary parts of a holiday the more you can spend on luxuries. Winner, winner.


Use All The Disruptive Tech You Can

When you think about the most costly elements of a holiday you think about airport transfers, flights, and accommodation. They are the big three when it comes to money-leakage. That’s where disruptive technology allows you to live a champagne life on a beer budget. Worried about the cost of getting to the airport, or the recent hike in airport parking fees, then why not look to Uber for the best price possible. As for flights, we cannot recommend Skyscanner enough because it takes out all the legwork by telling you which flights are going to be the cheapest. Times, dates, everything is looked at. It is a cent-saving wonder. As for accommodation, expensive hotels and villas are no longer a worry thanks to the greatest disruptive technology in recent times; Airbnb.


Price Comparison Websites

The internet has made life so much easier in terms of finding the best offers, and holidaying is absolutely no different. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the almightily-important family travel insurance, car hire being available at your destination or picking up the very best in package holidays; price comparison can save you a small fortune, and a small fortune can mean eating out twice a day, every day. Just be careful. In order to get your business, some companies use attractive headlines to distort the truth about what you are getting. So just make sure you are getting the good value deal you thought you were. Basically, don’t buy on price alone.


Be Clever With Times

If you’re able to be a little flexible with dates and times and that sort of thing, then you could see yourself leak up to 300% less on flights. Yeah. The date and time you choose will have a massive impact and could be the difference between paying luxury prices for a luxury and paying bargain prices for the same luxury. The difference between flying in the evening and in the morning can be huge, as can flying on a Thursday compared to a Friday. What’s more, going on an indirect flight could see you save about 50%. What’s a half hour transfer when it is saving you $200 each. Exactly. Now go and spend that $200 on Pina Coladas or something will you.