Why Change Could Make You Money

Plenty of us could be considered as ‘stuck in our ways.’ Whether it’s how we like to clean the house, or which TV shows we watch, it’s quite common to stick with what we know. However, sticking with service providers and products that simply aren’t good value is daft! If you don’t think you’re getting a great deal anymore, it’s time to change.

Most of our essential services are subject to price increases. Electricity, gas, internet, TV and phone providers will all put the charges up over time. Did you know you can switch providers whenever you like? Even if you’re on a fixed term contract, a price rise gives you the opportunity to ‘jump ship’ and go get a better deal. Always check the full terms and conditions from your provider first to ensure you will not be subject to penalty charges.

Those essential services will always be needed. We will always use a minimum amount of electricity and internet, for example. This means frugal living isn’t likely to bring the cost of the service down. So how can you make money by changing providers? Look for those promotions and deals that offer you cash back, gifts, or long-term discounts. If you have to use the service but you’re paying less for it, that’s still cash in your pocket.

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Another essential service we need is banking. Many banks charge customers for the various services they provide. Of course, every bank wants your money, so there are always bank promotions up for grabs that could suit you. Even if you’ve been with your bank for decades, there is no need to stick with them. Look for promos that offer you savings on your service provision, cash-back on your purchases and even cash incentives to switch.

When was the last time you changed your mortgage? Shopping around for better deals could save you tens of thousands here. The best ways to save on your mortgage is to take a mortgage that has a lower interest rate and can be repaid in fewer years. After an initial term period, many mortgage lenders put up the interest rate significantly. This is the time to jump ship again and find a better, new customer deal with another provider. Be wary of big admin fees or finder fees from brokers, though. Instead, sniff out those deals that could save you money and may even offer a cash sum incentive.

Are you brand savvy or brand loyal? Switching brands for your favorite foods and snacks can give you free samples, cash back, or heavily discounted produce. Look for the promotions in store and online that could entice you to switch (even if only for a little while). Who knows? You might find your new all-time favorite brand – at least until the next promo comes up!

A huge part of the marketing strategy for every business is the promotion. There will always be promotions, and there will always be chances for you to earn a little cash, save a little money, and pick up a few freebies. What will you find today?

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