What Do You Do When You’re Self-employed And Sick?



For lots of people, your ability to earn defines who you are. If you end up losing your job, you may as well have chopped off a limb. Now, there are worse things than this in the world, especially if you are self-employed. In being self-employed, if you are unwell, and unable to work, you don’t get paid. At least with a full-time employed situation, where you end up losing your job, there are some perks you can take advantage of for a short space of time even before you’re officially out the door. But what happens when you end up being sick for a long period of time, either due to illness or accident, and aren’t able to pay the bills?


Preparation Is Everything

For those that are self-employed, the idea of self-employed insurance doesn’t always come to mind. There are various income protection policies available, https://www.activequote.com/income-protection/self-employed/ is one of many different resources around. But also, if you are reading this, and you have nothing in place, either get yourself an insurance policy, or start to stockpile your finances. Yes, it can be difficult when you are living paycheck to paycheck, but this is one of the most fundamental rules any self-employed person should follow.


Can You Get Financial Retribution?

If you are off work for a specific reason, such as an accident, is there a way for you to get any sense of recompense in a financial sense? If you find yourself injured due to a road accident, sites like https://www.caseyshomolaw.com/west-palm-beach-truck-accident-lawyer/ are one of many law firms that specialize in fighting the corner of those injured in accidents. At the end of the day, if you are unable to work, it is your right to get some form are financial compensation so that you can live. Not to mention the fact that if you have excessive medical bills, this is going to make a considerable dent in your finances.


Are There People That Can Help?

You might have considered asking friends or family members for help, but this doesn’t always provide the right solution. If you have friends or family that are unable to help you out financially, are you able to get any form of benefits, such as sick pay, to keep you ticking over? It can be very difficult when you are self-employed, but for those that are unwell and unable to work, then it’s definitely worth trying.


Is There Anything You Can Do From Home?

If you’ve tried every available option, and there is nothing for you, but you are still able to work from home at least, then it might be time for you to join the gig economy. Nowadays, there are so many things you can do from home, and get paid for it, that even if you are unable to work physically, you could still work from your bed. This might not be the most appealing solution, especially if you are running your own business, but if you are unable to acquire help to keep the business going, it’s time to start thinking laterally. There are so many websites that you can sign up for to get freelance work, the irony is you can actually use these sites yourself to find people to keep your business ticking over.


Being sick and self-employed isn’t the greatest of combinations, but there are ways around it.


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