What are the Foundations of a Successful marriage?

A successful marriage is based on many elements, and can really depend on the kind of person you have married. Many you have married someone who can provide for you, or maybe you provide for them. Perhaps you get on really well with your partner’s family and friends, or perhaps some of them you clash with. Perhaps you have things in common with them, like hobbies or interests, or maybe you are opposites that fit well together. Whoever you married all them years ago, and whoever you are married to now, there are important elements to all relationships that make them successful. No matter who you are, or who you have both become, there are elements that everyone can practise to encourage their marriage to grow and thrive. Read on to find out some ways on which you can nurture you marriage, and help it grow to its full potential.



This is key to any relationship you have, whether that is with your kids, your co-workers, or your partner. It is difficult to empathise, or to understand the other person if you cannot talk to them. Communication is not just about talking to other person, it is also about being honest too.  Communicating honestly helps the other person to understand your state of mind, and the kind of thoughts you are having. This is so essential to move forward from anything that has happened within your marriage, or even to arranging dinner dates.

Communication is not just about being able to talk about your own thoughts and feelings, it is about being able to listen and react to what your partner is saying as well. A healthy relationship is all about understanding how the other person is feeling, and working through problems by talking about them. If you learn to listen and communicate well, and learn how to articulate your thoughts and feelings, then whatever comes your way you will be able to tackle it head on.

Other Options

It is always a choice to stay within a marriage, and it is a choice to leave it as well, which any party can do at any time. Ending your marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love that person anymore, and it certainly doesn’t mean your children will be any worse off. If you feel this is the best thing for you and your family, consider a local divorce attorney.  You can still have a healthy relationship with your ex-partner, and it might even be healthier than your marriage. If this is the best option for you and your family, although it might be difficult, with goodwill and good communication, everyone involved might be able to be better off from this decision. Although no one wants, or often sees this is their future, it is the best option for many families.

There are loads of elements to having a good relationship, but communication is definitely one of the most important ones. Practising this will not only help your marriage, but all your other relationships too.

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