Travel Tips: Family Trip to Singapore on a Budget

Apart from being one of the best business hubs in the world, Singapore is also an excellent holiday destination for families. The fun experience starts from the moment you land in world-class Singapore Changi Airport. The state hosts various attractions for families like the Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios and the beaches on Sentosa Island among many others.

If you want to save money while traveling on a tight budget with your family, then you should conduct thorough research. Singapore has numerous cheap and free things that you can do and still enjoy. Here are the best tips that you need to equip yourself with.

Look for Cheap Flight Seats

The very first way to save big is on air travel. Singapore has some of the best economy class airlines in the world. If you are on the lookout before the travel dates, you are likely to get cheap seats for you and the entire family. If it is possible to save on each seat, you will have more money to spend upon arrival in Singapore.

Save on Accommodation

Accommodation is also another area where you can save. Although Singapore has just a few campgrounds since it is a city-state, you can still find cheap hotels and rent an apartment for your family. Look for those that have a kitchen so that the family can cook to save money. Fortunately, all accommodation centers in Singapore offer standard facilities like hot showers, free internet, TV and clean beds. Your travel agents at can help you to get cheap accommodations for the entire family on top of processing the travel documents.

Eat Where Locals Eat

Singapore is known for delicious cuisine. Surprisingly, the local eating joints like the hawkers’ markets prepare everything you can get in a fine restaurant. All food outlets that are used by the locals maintain a high level of hygiene to meet the standards set by the state. The main difference between them and the fine restaurants is the price of the food. Get your food from these places if you are not cooking back in your villa and want to save money.

Use Public Transport

Singapore has a well-established rail network, and metro transport is commonly used by the public. They also have other public transport and taxi services as well. Consider jumping into this means of transport with your family instead of using private transport, which is far more expensive. If you are going on the city tour, Singapore has organized public transport service vehicles that pick up tourists for tours at specific times. If you are comfortable, you can walk to a nearby shopping mall instead of taking a cab.

Do Not Buy Drinking Water

If you ask the locals, they will tell you that the council and government water is very safe. There are different water points all over the city where you can refill your bottles instead of buying bottled water. This is a big savings when you have a family since the country is hot.

It is easy to save when traveling to Singapore with a family. All you need is to gather enough information on steps that can save you money. The highlights above will enable you to save money and still have a memorable family vacation.

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