Top 5 Colors For Your Bridesmaid Dress!

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Weddings are tons of fun to plan, but there’s a ton to do. Cake tastings, invitations, floral arrangements, and dresses galore. offers a great way to bring back the fun in wedding planning. You’ve already visited the Bridal Shop, so now it’s time to get the bridesmaid dresses. They offer a variety of dress styles that vary from flower girl dresses, and so much more!

Bridesmaids play a big role in making sure the big day goes as perfect as planned. Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress can be a huge task, but play around with it and have fun! You’ll want to consider the cost, styles, color, length, fabric, and strap options just to name a few. Let’s talk colors.

Blue is a popular wedding color choice and this  stunning dress  is a classy piece that is breathtaking and stylish. The base flows and allows for easy movement. The flower adds detail and stands out and the top offers fitting detail.  It’s knee length, which makes it a great choice for warmer months.

Pink is another color that is popular for weddings. There’s a variety of shades to choose from.  Everything from the neckline, loop, and length are made to please with this stunning dress. Pink is by far one of my favorites and this dress was made to knock your socks off! I love that it can be worn for a variety of occasions afterwards as well.

Gray is a color that often gets overlooked, but it’s bold and fashionable. I adore this dress! It flows well and will be flattering to any body style. I love that the dress allows for easy movement, while offering tons of detail. It’s a show stopper and a great choice for any season.

Black is another color that often gets overlooked when it comes to weddings. Move over funerals, it’s weddings’ turn to try on black! It can be fun, layered, short, long, beaded, lace, and much more. Black is one color that offers so much variety and it makes for a bold choice. I love the classic feel of it and how you can add layers of style to it as well.

Mint is another bold choice that really took off this past year. I love that it’s playful and light. It’s a great color for spring and early summer. It can be flashy or classy. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t require too much detail because it already steals the spotlight.

Simple-Dress is your one stop shop to bridal bliss! They offer bridesmaid dresses on sale to help take the stress out of dress shopping. Not to mention, they are affordable and easily fit into everyone’s budget!

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