The Zookeeper’s Wife {Giveaway}

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I haven’t always looked up to my mom. As a child, we butted heads a lot. However, as I have grown older, we have become best friends. She’s the person I talk to about everything- good and bad. She always has words of wisdom and great advice. She’s confident enough to say when something is out of her wheel house, and bold enough to be honest- even when it hurts. I think  a lot of it comes from her past, her experiences, her pain,  her story.

My mom has overcome a lot. She’s loved, lost, and mourned. She’s struggled and excelled. However, none of that hit me as much as when my parents separated. They struggled to keep it together for months before the end really came, but I’d never seen her in as much pain as she was the day she packed to leave. She wouldn’t say it, but you could see it in her eyes.  You could feel it in the air. In a sense, it meant freedom from the thing that had held her back and caused her misery for months. In another sense, it was scary and lonely.

The next couple of months- well almost a full year- were hard. She struggled to pick up the pieces and make a new life. She went from depending on two incomes to just one. She learned what it was like to be alone and single all over again- after years of devotion. Even through all the struggle, she kept a brave face and eventually found her way to happiness.

You see, it wasn’t until that separation that I saw just how strong my mom truly is. I watched her experience the deepest of pain and she still came out on top. She overcame all her fears, doubts, worries, and stepping stones to get to a place of inner happiness. She learned to love herself, to depend on herself, to be adventurous, to try new things, to step outside the box, and to truly be herself.

For that, I will always see my mom as  hero. She could have ran away from her fears and pain. Instead, she faced them head on and taught my siblings and I what it meant to be brave, to be courageous, to face our problems, to achieve goals, and to overcome.

Speaking of strong, brave women.. The Zookeeper’s Wife  comes out on march 31st and will have you on the edge of your seat. It also stars a strong female lead that will inspire and move you! It’s a must see that the whole family will enjoy!



In 1939 Poland, Antonina Żabińska  and her husband, Dr. Jan Żabiński , have the Warsaw Zoo flourishing under his stewardship and her care. When their country is invaded by the Germans, Jan and Antonina are stunned and forced to report to the Reich’s newly appointed chief zoologist, Lutz Heck.To fight back on their own terms, the Żabińskis covertly begin working with the Resistance and put into action plans to save lives out of what has become the Warsaw Ghetto, with Antonina putting herself and even her children at great risk.



Jessica Chastain as Antonina Zabinski
Johan Heldenbergh as Jan Zabinski
Daniel Brühl as Lutz Heck



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