The Top 5 Home Garden Trends of the Summer

The Top 5 Home Garden Trends of the Summer

Summer is one of the best seasons to enhance, if not to completely redesign, your garden. For years, trends emerging trends come and go and people always find new ways to beautify their home gardens. This summer, home gardens are seen to take on new design ideas that will sure to make your lawns and backyards even more attractive. Some of these trends are already showing up and people are following suit resulting to a domino of transformed gardens in many neighborhoods across the country.

Here are some of the newest home garden trends of summer.

  1. Use of Natural Materials for Landscaping

Garden owners are starting to say goodbye to polish, well-angled landscaping additions and are starting to incorporate those that create a natural look and feel for their garden. Old fashion and DIY looks in gardens are starting to capture the interest of many.  Railway ties, free-form decks, swing seat, and small outdoor furniture as landscape design additions are making a comeback. This results in a natural, real, and authentic look.

  1. Localized Sourcing

With local sourcing becoming a buzz across many industries, home gardens are also starting to take it into its garden plants choices. People are now looking into hyperlocal and endemic plants, not just native ones as great additions to their gardens. Experts say this is a sign of “regionalism” which is a good thing considering the challenges of rapid and unpredictable climatic changes. Hence, it is also considered as climate-minded gardening.

  1. Sheds are Making a Comeback

While not totally gone, garden sheds were taken out of the limelight in recent years due to garden redesigning that required a bigger, fuller, and wider space. Yet, for summer, the sheds are making a great comeback as home garden owners are starting to incorporate them into their overall garden designs—making them not only functional but ornamental, as well.  Garden sheds like those found in are getting massive attention.

  1. Mix of Old and New

Sticking to only one design, whether traditional or contemporary, is already a fading trend; says gardening experts. Today, a mashup of new and old designs are the hitting big among home garden owners. Mixtures of old and new elements create a whole new design on its own that is outside the common. Oriental mixed with angles or old-looking sheds surrounded by contemporary design instruments make a refreshing impact. Creative mash-ups create a compelling, sometimes laid back, and definitely great outcomes.

  1. Sustainability Technology

Costly in the upfront but undoubtedly beneficial in the long run, especially considering climate change, innovative irrigation technologies that ensure sustainability are starting to emerge even in home garden usage. Concepts of low-water landscaping and advanced irrigation systems that are now controlled by smartphones are starting to gradually dominate the trend. It also allows more zoning and active control, not only of water consumption but in also ensuring your garden gets just the right care it needs.

More trends are expected to arise over time and garden lovers are waiting in anticipation on the new possibilities that will make the industry more exciting over time.