The Pros & Cons Of Walking To Work



For many of us, our daily commute to our place of work or business can cause no small amount of misery. As well as having to deal with heavy crowds and traffic, conventional commutes also tend to be costly, either in gas or the price of a public transport ticket.


There is, however, one option that many of us overlook: walking to work. If you are within a half-hour walk of your workplace, walking should be feasible— but would it be a good idea? Here are the pros and cons you might want to consider…


PRO: It’s free


Arguably the biggest pro of all, walking to work could save you a small fortune on the cost of your commute. If you have been looking for areas to cut from your family budget, this could be one immediate reduction that makes a huge amount of difference.


CON: The danger aspect


We all know that driving or taking public transport can be dangerous, but it’s easy to forget that being a pedestrian has its own risks also. There are thousands of pedestrian accidents every year in the USA. Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in such an incident, you will likely find yourself dealing with an injury and needing to read more at about the possibility of compensation. While such a circumstance is rather unlikely, it’s an eventuality you have to consider.


PRO: You can mitigate the safety concerns.


If you found the mention of safety above rather alarming, then remember there are ways and means of making your walking experience safer. For example, using reflective materials can help ensure that vehicles are more likely to notice you when you’re making your way to work.


CON: The weather worries


Even if you decide not to walk on days where the weather is bad, it’s inevitable that you will experience some inclement weather when walking your commute. Weather can change rapidly, after all, and you may set out on what looks like a dry, bright day, only to find a storm system rushes in when you’re halfway through your journey.


PRO: It’s good for you


Walking to work wouldn’t just be a way of getting to your office; it’d be exercise, and fairly effective exercise too. As detailed on, walking has myriad benefits that can make a huge difference to your health.


CON: The impact on your professional appearance


You will likely need to arrive at work earlier than you normally would so that you have time to smarten your appearance. If you’re the kind of worker or business owner who prefers a lie-in, your willingness to do this will have a huge role to play in whether walking to work is a good fit for you!


In conclusion


The above pros and cons are not designed to argue any particular choice. Instead, they are presented as an unbiased picture of both the ups and the downs you may experience should you choose to walk to work. The decision to walk to work is a private one and depends on a number of personal factors, so ultimately, the choice will always be subjective. Now that you have read through the above, you can be confident that you’ll be able to make a fully-informed and well-rounded choice as to whether walking to work is a viable option for you.