The Importance Of A Good Teacher!

There aren’t enough words to describe how important teachers are. Teachers are superheroes that don’t receive enough credit. They mold and shape the minds of our children. They love and care for our children. They treat them as their own and make a huge impact like nobody else could.


Teachers help our children grow in so many ways, the main one being knowledge. They cover history, math, science, social studies, music, art, and more. They help our children uncover history and fall in love with reading. They push our children to broaden their minds and uncover a love for math and writing. They let our children escape in artwork and music. You can check out a great music school here.


Teachers help our children uncover the art of communication and it’s importance in relationships. They communicate with our children and listen to their concerns. They help them think about decisions and uncover ways to solve problems. They help them build friendships and let them learn how their actions affect others. They help teach them to say I’m sorry when they are wrong and they help them learn how to forgive. They help our children learn how to listen and how to show empathy.


School will really teach our kids how to be prepared. They have to have their homework, supplies, and books. Missing any one of those can drastically change how class will go. Having a great teacher to teach them how to be prepared from early on will greatly impact all of their school years. I promise you’ll thank them for it once they get into middle/high school. This also helps our kids learn to take ownership and be responsible.


School will help our child learn boundaries and expectations. They will learn when they’ve pushed too far and what’s expected of them. They will learn appropriate behaviors and responses.

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of this also starts at home as you will learn on this website. However, teachers play a huge role and we should definitely give them credit for it!

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