The I Factor By Van Moody {Book Review}

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“The key to the life you want is inside you.

One question lies behind every struggle we face: How do I deal with myself? Behind all our stumbles, behind each of our missteps, behind every one of our failings lies an inability to handle what Van Moody calls the “I-Factor.” More than self-worth or self-respect, beyond even character and perception of purpose, the I-Factor is about managing yourself—your whole life—well. In his inspiring new book, Moody reveals how to get hold of your I-Factor.

Moody identifies three dynamics essential to winning the battle of the I-Factor: identity, significance, and perspective. When you understand your identity you know who you are, setting your foundation for everything. When you understand your significance, you see the purpose and the greatness you were created for. And when you understand perspective, you can view the problems you face as stepping-stones to greatness rather than stumbling blocks. Properly understand these three dynamics, and you will be able to master your I-Factor.

Weaving together personal stories, practical principles, and profound biblical truth, The I-Factor provides the key to achieving the life of greatness that you are destined for.”


My Thoughts!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like I keep running into the same problem, much like a hamster on a wheel. Constantly moving, but going nowhere at all. This always frustrates me, but thanks to this amazing read- I now understand it’s not about the wheel. Resolving the never ending wheel is as simple as uncovering the underlying issues that got you  there in the first place.  You have to change the way you view things and open your mind to a whole new level of self discovery. This book definitely helps you take it step by step.

You’ll learn how uncovering yourself will help you with understand things on a whole new level- relationships, finances, happiness, and so much more! Obstacles will no longer be brick walls that won’t fall, but rather stepping stones that you pass with stress free ease.

I think the chapter that hit home the most for me was ” The Biggest Favor You Can Do Yourself”. I’ve always heard that forgiving others was more for me than it was for them. However, I always thought that was a load of crap. Afterall, how does forgiving them and letting them off the hook  help me? After reading this chapter, I realized that forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are off the hook or that I have forgotten. It simply means that  you acknowledge the pain and want to be free of it. You can’t move forward to tomorrow if you’re still holding on to yesterday! This is a great chapter that’s full of insight and true purpose.

Now, I’m not saying that reading this book is the answer to all things holy. It’s more of an eye opening experience that will lead you to the edge of the water, you have to learn to drink on your own though.

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Van Moody serves as pastor of the Worship Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Moody, his wife, Ty, and their children, Eden Sydney and Ethan Isaiah, live in Birmingham, Alabama.


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