The Hospital Survival Guide



No one wants to spend a few nights in hospital, but sometimes, it’s the only way we are ever going to get any better. Thankfully, though, a night or two in a hospital are relatively easy to deal with. You just need to grin and bear it! However, when your stay is extended and you have to stay over a week, you might start to find it a little more difficult to bear.


Wish you could just get out of bed and go home? Unfortunately, that might not be possible, and even if you are able to, it won’t be a good idea – it could make you feel a lot worse and set your recovery period back by quite a bit! Still, there are some things you can do to improve your stay in hospital and to try and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Read on to find out more!


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Bring Your Own Toiletries


You will get given some toiletries in your hospital room. You won’t get a huge selection, but the basics will be there, such as shampoo, shower gel, and moisturizer. However, they won’t be that great and they probably won’t be up to your usual standard of products. So, it’s a good idea to pack plenty of toiletries with you when you go into hospital. That way, you will have some home comforts with you, and you won’t have to worry about poor shower gel or shampoo drying out your skin and your hair.




Ask For Anything You Want Or Need


You should never be worried about asking your doctors or nurses for anything. They want to help you be as comfortable as possible while you are in hospital so they will try and meet any of your requests. For instance, if you want a relative to stay with you overnight, you should ask if they can give you a rollaway bed. This will be a lot more comfy for your relative than sleeping in a chair! You might have some requests when it comes to the hospital meals as well, such as getting some gluten-free meals or whether or not it is possible to eat at different times to the usual mealtimes. Don’t forget that there is no such thing as a dumb question, so you should never be embarrassed about asking anything that is on your mind, especially if it is a question that is related to your treatment and medicine!




Take Frequent Walks If Possible


If you have the energy, it’s a good idea to try and take as many walks as possible. Staying mobile is a great way to help your body stay in shape while you are hospital. Even if you aren’t able to walk far, it’s still good to get on your feet and have a quick shuffle around your ward. Going for a walk every couple of hours or so will help you to break up your day, so you won’t end up frustrated by staying in bed all day. Not only that, though, but getting out of bed regularly will help to cut down your chances of suffering from bed sores.




Get Some Good Health Insurance


There is one way to prevent a terrible hospital stay – you just need to get some good health insurance in the first place. Generally speaking, the better and more complete your health insurance policy is, then the more benefits you will get. These will include lots of perks in hospitals as well, such as your very own room. If you take a look at websites such as, you will be able to see what’s on offer with some different examples of health insurance policies. Some policies will also cover you while you are abroad so you will be able to take advantage of all of your perks and benefits even in a foreign hospital.




Keep Plenty Of Notes


It’s a good idea to get one of the cute notebooks at to take with you into hospital. There will be lots of doctors, nurses, and specialists popping into your room to check up on you and making sure you are doing alright. It’s worth taking down some notes of all your conversations so that you don’t forget what somebody says. After all, you might be on some medication that could easily confuse you. Because of this, you should keep track of all your conversations so that you don’t forget anything that the health experts say. It’s also worth making notes of all your medication and any changes that are made to your tablets or dosage. This will also give you something to double check against your hospital bill at the end of your stay. If there are any discrepancies at all, you will be able to check them out with the hospital.


Ask Loved Ones To Stay With You


Spending a week in a hospital will feel like one big drag indeed. You might end up quite lonely, which could start to affect your mental health. So, to try and keep the loneliness at bay, it’s a good idea to ask some of your loved ones to spend the nights with you. You could see if there are a few relatives or friends who are willing to take it in turns so that you don’t have any nights on your own. As I’ve already previously mentioned, some hospitals will be willing to put a rollaway bed in your room for any staying relatives and friends.




Don’t Leave Before You’re Ready


It’s crucial that you don’t leave hospital before you are ready. Unfortunately, though, some nurses try to rush patients out because of bed shortages. If you feel like you are being pushed to leave before you are ready, you should say that you will only leave after getting the all-clear from a doctor or specialist.


Your stay in hospital shouldn’t be uncomfortable – all of the above tips will help ensure that you can have as pleasant a time as is possible.