The Grieving Process: Remembering Loved Ones Forever

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Starting a family brings an untold amount of joy to your life. There’s nothing like watching your kids and partner be together and realizing how lucky you are to have them by your side. Of course, being part of a support group also means you’ll have to deal with pain at some point.

When a loved one passes away, there’s no sharper sting. The idea that you won’t see them again hurts to the point that you may never feel as if you’ll be happy.

You will be because they will always be with you no matter the situation. Here are four ways to ensure you remember them forever.

Make A Homemade Shrine

A headstone marks the place where your loved one is buried, or an urn stores the ashes for you to treasure forever. The latter is an accessible household item if that is their wish. The former is different because cemeteries and gravestones make people uncomfortable.

Going to the place they are buried may make you emotional and draw out the mourning process. Plus, don’t forget that people don’t have time to drive a cemetery to pay their respects every day. Thankfully, these bronze grave markers will enable you to create a homemade shrine that’s never more than a few feet away. Placed in the garden, you can cover it with flowers so that your house is an alternative resting place.

For those who can’t afford two headstones, you may want to craft a DIY homage. Take whatever items you can find and sculpt them into a memorial. All you need are pictures to make a scrapbook that elegantly celebrates that person’s life.

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Keep A Memento

An heirloom is an incredibly personal way to remember a family member. Firstly, it was theirs, which means it instantly makes you picture the person in your mind. Secondly, mementos and heirlooms usually bring back positive memories. This is important to remember because you want to recall the good times, not the bad ones.

Typical heirlooms include jewelry, such as watches, rings, or necklaces, but you can create your own from almost anything. If your loved one has plenty of clothes, don’t donate every outfit to the goodwill store. Instead, take a couple of t-shirts and cut them to size. Voila – you have an incredibly stylish pillow cover that doubles up as a powerful memory.

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