The Great Debate: To Expand Or Not To Expand!

Being a business owner is a fun, rewarding job. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also come with stress, questions, and debates. One debate that most business owners will eventually face is whether to expand their business or not- and when.

Growing a business is a constant challenge. You have to know your market, your product, your consumers, your competitors, the logistics and much more. The economy is always changing so you have to be flexible and prepared as well. There are different types of expansions that a business can make, each one with great benefits and challenges.

Customer Growth
Growth is the most common form of expansion. Many consumers are no longer brand loyal and look for the best value. This is where a business needs to reflect on their consumers. Do they have a lot of repeat loyal customers? Why are they happy? Do they see a lot of new faces, but they don’t return for future visits? Is there a particular reason they aren’t happy? You’ll want to coordinate hospitality logistics, market your business, and excel in service to expand your customer base and keep it growing.

Business growth
At some point, your business will take off and you will need a bigger space and employees. A good majority of businesses start off small with only a few people involved. However, when your demand is more than you can provide alone, You’ll want to hire some help and possibly expand into a new building. Not meeting demand can negatively impact your customer growth. Always be prepared for the next big move.

Market Growth
If you’ve been in one location since the very beginning and your business is booming, you may consider expanding into a new market. This is a big move, but it will definitely grow your business. You’ll want to know your target audience, the market, the consumer demand, and the competitors in the new market. However, if you’ve planned correctly and are prepared, this could greatly increase your profits and customer base!

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