The Con Man’s Daughter By: Candice Curry {Book Review}

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Candice Curry didn’t have a normal childhood. Normal is hard to come by when you are awakened in the night by your father–who is high on drugs–for a wild ride down the highway. Or when your father has a habit of “borrowing” things and never returning them. Or when imposing strangers show up at the door trying to track him down.

While her father found himself on the wrong side of the law, her mother put herself through nursing school and kept food on the table by working around the clock, which left Candice in the hands of a father who needed babysitting himself.

Through her struggles and brokenness, Candice finds freedom in forgiveness and love in the midst of tragedy. Join her on the winding road to discover the truth that God doesn’t love us because we’re perfect–but because he is.


My Thoughts:

I’ve never read a book as quick as I read this one. I’ve never had a book move me in a way that this one did. I’ve never felt so emotional torn or rooted for someone as much as I did with this book. Curry is a strong, beautiful writer and told her story well. I love how raw this book is. Curry’s strength to tell her story- the story of a kid with an unimaginable childhood, that still kept a brave face and hid it all. The story of a kid who seeked acceptance and love. The story of a kid who overcame obstacles.  There’s no hidden agenda, no fluff- just the raw truth. It will move readers, have you emotionally torn, and stream tears down your cheeks like no other! This story of redemption is a must read!


Purchase it!

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Candice Curry spent years working in sales doing what she felt she had to instead of what she wanted to. Then she put her faith in God and gave it all up to share her story through writing. The daughter of a con man and convicted criminal, Candice started a blog as a form of therapy, which has grown into a worldwide ministry and landed her on TODAY and Good Morning America. A speaker and a contributor to The Huffington Post,, and several other sites, Candice has a passion to give hope to those suffering the pain of rejection, the burden of unforgiveness, and the emptiness of great loss. Candice and her husband, Brandon, have five children. They live in San Antonio, Texas, in the former home of her childhood best friend.


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