So Your Teenager Doesn’t Want to Move?

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Teenagers are often hardest hit by a move, especially if you’re locating to a whole new area where they won’t be able to hang out with their friends regularly or go to the same school. It’s totally understandable, but if you have to move, you have to move, which means that, if you don’t want to be left dealing with a troublesome teen for who knows how long, you need to get in there and help them to cope with the transition.


Here are a few tips to help you help your teen who’d much rather stay put:


Don’t Wait to Tell Them


You owe it to your teen to tell then you’re moving as soon as you know for definite that you will be. If you wait until the last minute, then you can expect him/her to throw a fit, and they’d be justified in doing so. Your teen needs time to adjust to the new situation if you want them to be in the right headspace come moving day and if you don’t want them to be spitting mad at you for months.


Do Listen to Their Preferences


Obviously, you are the parent and where and when you move is ultimately your decision, but before you start looking at houses and calling up mybekis moving companies, you should try to ask your teen what they would like in a new place. Just the fact that you are involving them will make them feel a bit better about the whole process. So, show them the local neighborhoods, schools and beauty spots in the new location online and see what they think!


Do Let them Visit

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A good way to reassure your teen that moving away doesn’t mean leaving behind everything they hold dear forever is to organize a return trip before you’ve even loaded the moving van. If they know that they’ll be coming back for a visit in the very near future, and you let them know that it can be a regular thing if they like, then they should hopefully be able to deal with saying goodbye to friends and family in the area with more composure. This should be even easier for them in the world of Facebook, Skype, etc.. However, it will probably still be quite tough, so prepare for tears!


Do Let Them Design Their Own Room


A Good way to get the teen on board is to let them, where possible, choose their own room. If you can’t let them choose their room, then you should certainly at the very least give them free reign (within the bounds of taste and reason) to decorate their room however they like. This will give them something positive and fun to focus on.


Don’t Rush Them


Once you’ve moved, you shouldn’t try forcing your teen to enjoy the new area. If they aren’t ready to go out exploring or making new friends, don’t force the issue, certainly not in the first few weeks – sometimes they just need time and space to work things out on their own. Give them that respect.


I hope this helps you help your teen!

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