Skylight Digital Photo Frame Review

We share photos more now than we ever have. It’s so easy and convenient to post pictures online and social media has really changed the game because we can now upload photos and connect with others, regardless of how many miles apart we are. It’s brilliant.

However, that leaves those without social media feeling left out. Once upon a time we’d purchase a digital photo frame and upload pictures to it so that we could send it to family members. It made a great gift, but before you knew it the pictures were outdated and it became just another frame sitting on the shelf or in a closet somewhere.

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The Skylight Digital Photo Frame is a total game changer! It’s an upgraded and sleek version of the digital photo frame we once loved, but grew to hate. It’s easy to use, offers a beautiful picture display, and is super easy to keep updated. We can now send grandma the pictures from the game, school party, birthday, or playground in the matter of seconds and it’s hassle free!

Set up is super easy and takes only a few seconds. Once it’s set up loved ones can upload pictures to the digital frame by sending them to the designated email address. Once sent the pictures will upload to the frame for your loved one to view. The photos show as a slideshow, but can be set as a static photo backdrops as well. The frame offers 8GB of memory so it can hold over 8,000 photos!

I love that the whole family can come together to build up the photo collection on the frame. It ensures that grandma can see all of her grandbabies with one frame. Don’t limit the frame to grandma though! This frame is perfect for everyone, regardless of age or social media presence. It’s truly the hottest thing since sliced bread. You can check out a video on Skylight on FOX or read about Skylight on WIRED.

Purchase it!

This is such a great addition to any home and it also makes for the perfect gift as well. Grab yours today and make sure to use the Skylight Frame Discount Code to save a little hard earned cash while you’re at it!

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