Simple Ways To Save Money At Home This Winter



Now more than ever it is important for us all to take steps to save some money this winter. This year has been the hardest many of us have faced financially and Christmas is only going to put more strain on all of us. 

However, there are some super simple ways you can save money at home every day and save worrying about the big stuff. Today we are going to take a look at some of the simplest things you can do at home this Christmas to save money. 


Switch your energy provider 

Our energy provider often feels like the most neglected part of running a house; because many of us go with whoever the previous owner of the house had without truly considering the savings a switch could bring. If you are in need of a money saving scheme this winter consider switching your provider to another – and take advantage of the introductory deals. You’d be surprised how much money you can save with this simple change! 


Consider new car insurance 

Car insurance is an important part of owning a vehicle – but can often be the biggest of your expenses. As a car owner it is important to take time to explore the best insurance rates and find a deal that works for you. Whether you want to pay monthly or annually, if you want breakdown cover included, and what your excess will be are all things you can play around to find a deal that is cost effective. 


Cut down on water 

Water usage is one of the biggest costs you don’t see at home. If you have been at home for a long period of time this year you have likely used a lot more water than usual through things such as baths, showers, washing up and flushing the toilet. Try and make sure to limit your water usage as much as you can this month by cutting shower time by half, not leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth, and only washing up once a day. These small changes will make a big impact on your water bill. 


Use battery powered lights 

One of the ways you can save a little money this winter is by using battery powered fairy lights to light up your living room in the evenings in place of a lamp. A small change like this is not only much more festive but it will allow you to save money on energy. 


Wrap up warm 

One of the biggest outlays you have to deal with in winter is heating cost. We all want to feel warm and cozy at home in winter, but switching on the heating every single day might be costing you a bomb. Instead of switching on the heating immediately, try layering up with comfy clothes first. It is likely that a warm hoodie will do the trick and you can save using your heating as much. 


Use these simple home tricks to save a little money this winter.

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