Simple Dress: Top Prom Dress Styles of 2018!

Prom is coming up quickly and online dress shopping makes it so much easier and stress free. Online shopping cuts out the chaos of waiting in lines, visiting multiple stores, and not finding the right size.  Simple Dress is my one stop shop for all things prom! It’s well organized, offers a variety of sizes, and is easy to shop.

This two piece pink and black dress is to die for! It’s stylish, trendy, and  stunning! I love the color combination and the attention to detail. The beading paired with satin is to die for! This dress screams confidence and can be worn for many occasions.

Floral dresses have totally set a new trend that makes a statement.  I’ve always thought of my childhood dresses when I think of floral, but these stunning dresses have changed my view! Who knew floral could be so in style  and fun!

Off the shoulder dresses have always been one of my absolute favorites! They are stunning, sexy, and have so much to offer! I love that they are stylish, comfortable, and don’t restrict movement.  This stylish light blue dress is  amazing! It offers layers upon layers of style and the beaded top is absolutely stunning. I love that it makes a statement, but that it can also be worn for an evening out, dinner date, or formal event.

This chic grey ball gown is to die for! I love the dark grey color and the tulle base. It’s fitting, restriction free, and full of bold style.  It screams fun, outgoing, confident, and in the know. Ball gown style dresses have always been among my favorites, but this dress takes my favorite to a whole new level.

Sparkly dresses are among the favorite of many. They are flashy, gain attention,  and scream confidence.  The way the light hits the dress, the way the dress flows, the  attention to detail given, and the form fitting off the shoulder style makes  you speechless.

Another style that I really like is dresses with sleeves! It doesn’t have to be over the top or offer tons of lacy detail, but sleeves are totally in!   There’s elbow length sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc.  I prefer elbow length sleeves or long sleeves. I love sleeves with detail, but I don’t want them to be overly detailed or too lacy. Afterall, we don’t want to snag them on anything.  Sleeves also help keep you warm on chilly nights too, which is a huge plus.

Simple Dress offers some of the Top Prom Dresses of the year! There’s a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.  I highly recommend it as your one stop shop for all of your prom needs!

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