Shocking Reasons You Might Want To Let Your Child Play More Video Games

If you’re the parent of a child that’s old enough to know what a Playstation or smartphone is, then you’re probably keen to restrict their usage. We’re always told to not let our kids spend too much time staring at screens playing video games. It’s bad for them – that’s what the supposed experts have been saying for years.


However, what if I told you it might be time to start encouraging your kids to play more video games? It sounds as though this goes against everything you’ve ever thought. But, there is a good amount of evidence that suggests video games can be more beneficial for your child than you first thought.


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Helps Improve Their Problem Solving Skills

Your children will go through life facing loads of different problems. Needless to say, these problems need solving! This will be a particular skill that’s very much needed during their whole educational career. But, did you know that playing games can help them hone and develop this skill? It’s true, by playing something like the new Final Fantasy mobile strategy game, your child is forced to think for themselves and overcome obstacles. Strategy games are all similar in that the best players can solve problems quicker and better than others, leading to a killer strategy. The skills your child learns through playing this game will end up translating into the rest of their life too.


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Provides Them With New Knowledge

Most people assume that video games aren’t educational in any way shape or form. However, lots of video games provide your children with new knowledge about all sorts of things. There’s a new video game out called Assassins Creed that’s set in ancient Egypt, and your children can learn lots about that moment in history just by playing the game. Or, if they play games like FIFA, they learn simple things like where certain cities are in countries, or what flags match up with each country. There’s a lot you can learn from video games without properly realizing it, they’re a great educational tool for kids.


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Gives Them An Opportunity To Make Friends

These days, gaming isn’t just a one-person thing. While your child may look like they’re gaming on their own, they could be talking to loads of other kids from all over the world. Many people have formed online friendships that have become very real friendships – just by playing video games together. In fact, if your child struggles to be social and make friends, then this is a great way for them to interact with others and find kids with similar interests. It’s ironic because a lot of parents will try and get their children away from their phone or games console as they’re worried it’s ruining their social life. In reality, that might be where your child is the most social and really enjoys themselves.


Vastly Improves Their Memory

Lots of video games are completely different to others; some involve playing sports, others involve strategy and puzzles, while some are all about running around shooting things. Either way, they all have one thing in common; they improve your children’s memory. Some games are better at this than others – particularly puzzle games. However, even basic games involve some element of memory training. The best example of this is learning the controls. Every time your child plays a new game they have to learn how to play it, then memorize this. By simply doing this they train their brain and help improve their memory. As you can imagine, this is a skill that will bring them a lot of good fortune throughout their life.

Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

Finally, video games will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination skills. When they play a game, they usually have to look at one thing but do another with their hands. This can also be considered multitasking, which is another skill that will be improved through playing games! But, if your child is constantly doing things that require them to look at something and do something else, then their hand-eye coordination will always improve.



Clearly, we were wrong about video games. Well, maybe not totally wrong! Yes, all the points above do prove that playing video games isn’t awful for your children. And, maybe you should encourage them to play more instead of shouting at them to stop. However, you have to find the right balance somewhere. If they play too much, then it will be bad for them in the long-run – particularly for their physical health. Ensure they know when enough is enough and take breaks to be active and stay healthy. That’s how you see the true benefits of gaming for your children.