Self-Storage Discounts to Save You Money Initially AND Monthly


You have likely found yourself in that situation where you are trying to justify the cost of a self-storage unit, but you just don’t have the extra money to spend. On the other hand, you just don’t have the space to keep the items either and you are not willing to part with those items.

Don’t fall for the myths of self-storage that you read online. It happens and there are ways that you CAN store your items AND afford it at the same time. We will talk about some of the ways you can save money both initially and long-term on your self-storage unit.

Willing to Travel Just a Bit?

If you have a vehicle that has a good fuel economy and you do not mind a little bit of a drive, consider a storage unit that is further away than the ones within the small one-mile radius of your home.

Storage units that are located a bit out of the way often have the cheapest rates and you can still get a good quality facility with drive-up access and the amenities you want.

Keep in mind, this option only makes sense though if you do not need to access your items often. Otherwise, the drive and gas would add up.

Get the Smallest Possible Unit

It is time to get honest with yourself. Trash or donate the items you no longer need and then store ONLY what must be stored. You should choose the smallest unit you can comfortably get away with. Remember, the smaller the unit, the cheaper the monthly price tag.

Pre-Pay Discounts Are Available

If you have a little extra cash, consider paying for your storage unit up front if you know how long you need it for. Many storage facilities will gladly offer you a discount if you pay for your unit beforehand.

In fact, you can sometimes get a hefty discount for this. For example, say you need a storage unit for 4 months and the going rate is $100 per month. That is a total of $400. If you offer to pay up front, they may give you a whole month free, so you would only pay $300.

Skip the Climate Control, If You Can

If you do NOT need climate control, skip it. In fact, a climate-controlled unit can cost a significant amount more than a traditional unit.

With that in mind, if you plan to store clothes, furniture, artwork, collectibles, or electronics, do NOT make the mistake of skipping the climate-control option.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Discounts or to Negotiate

You may not know this, but, you can negotiate the price of your self-storage unit. Now, this is not to say that all self-storage facilities will work with you, but many of them are willing to.

If you have a budget to work with, let them know and see what you can work out. You never know what discounts they may be able to offer you.

Lastly, never be afraid to ask if they have any current discounts or specials. OR, if you received a better price at another facility, see if they will match or beat the stated rate.


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