Save Money By Spending More? You’ve Gotta Be Kiddin’

We’ve all heard about people who are “smart spenders.” But what does that actually mean in practice? Well, essentially it’s a person who has an uncanny ability to spend money and still make themselves better off in the end. As a result, it’s quite a skill and something that we’d all like to do.

The good news is that these super spenders don’t keep their secrets under lock and key. Anybody can find out how to save money while spending and make a better life for themselves. Hare are some cheeky and thrifty ways to spend more money yet save at the same time.

Consider Refinancing Your Home


If you took out a mortgage in the 1990s or early 2000s, then there’s a good chance that you’re paying more than five percent a year in interest payments. And while that might sound like an okay deal, it’s actually quite expensive compared to today’s prices. Now, thanks to the glut of credit on the market, interest rates on mortgages are running at as little as 2 percent. It might be a good idea, therefore to refinance your house and use the additional credit to buy the things that you need without having to pay heavy interest costs.

Invest In Business Cards

Do you run your own business? Do you want to be able to save more money in the long term? Then it’s essential that you win more business and get more customers. But how? Business cards, of course. If you are serious about reaching potential customers and making a name for yourself, it could be beneficial to check out sites like Metal Kards, in the hopes of making a statement with your future business cards.


According to experts, business cards should display all relevant information on the front and then relegate additional details to the back of the card. They should also be plain in appearance, not confusing the reason.

Grab The Best Deal

One of the great innovations of the internet is credit card comparison sites. Not only do these sites show you the lowest priced credit cards, but they also help you compare all the other perks that credit cards bring. For instance, some credit cards offer cashback on all purchases or other cards like the American Express Credit Card let you build up points and then you can put the points towards something big! Saving a lot of money. Others offer things like air miles, meaning that you can get money off travel as a result of your regular monthly spending.

Splash Out On Clothes

You might think that spending money on beautiful clothes is something that you should only do when you’ve landed that promotion or business deal. But since first impressions are so important, splashing out on great clothes might be something you want to do now.


Although rocking a hoodie might be acceptable in Silicon Valley, in the rest of the business world, smart attire is expected. For women, this means a high-quality dress, jacket or skirt.

Avoid Breaking Up

Finally, one of the biggest costs that people face is when they break up with their spouse. As a result, it’s a good idea to pour money into exciting experiences for both partners to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

The good news is that you can spend quality time with your partner without spending a fortune. Date nights don’t have to be expensive. If you don’t want to go out, a candlelit dinner at home will suffice.

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