Save Money By Catering For Hobbies This Christmas

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Though it should be simple, buying presents for kids can be a challenge. It’s not even because the stuff isn’t out there. Christmas is the busiest time of year for toy shops. They stock as much as possible and do everything they can to convince you to buy it. And, in all honesty; your kids would probably be happy with those games and new cuddly toys. For five minutes.

But, stocking fillers aren’t cheap. So, it can be disheartening when they end up in the cupboard the day after boxing day. But, you can hardly blame your kids. These products are designed with quick gratification in mind. They don’t stand the test of time.

If you’re fed up of forking out massive amounts on pointless gifts, reconsider the way you shop. Instead of wasting money, why not focus on presents you know your kids will love? No matter their personality, every child has a hobby which tops everything else. This could be reading or computer games. It doesn’t matter. This hobby could be the key to your present problems. Admittedly, buying gifts for specialist preferences can be tricky. But, it isn’t impossible. Just follow this list to make sure you get it right.

Do your research

If you don’t know much about your kids’ hobby yet, it’s time to learn. Research is a sure way to understand the latest products on the market. If your kid likes books, this could mean heading to recently released lists by their favorite publishers. If they love video games, review websites can help you decide which new release is worth your time. Sites like LEGO Ways can even cover the Lego loving kids out there. Don’t hesitate to get online once the kids are in bed, and write down everything of worth which you find.

Know what they have

Of course, the main risk you face is buying a duplicate. If a child is passionate about something, the chances are that they spend most of their pocket money on it. As such, they may already have those new releases you found out about. Before you buy anything, play detective. We’re not saying you should snoop in their room while they aren’t there. But, you can get subtle, and find excuses to knock on their door. While you’re in their space, take time to look around. Pay attention to their Lego collection. Linger near their game shelves. And, pay close attention to anything new they buy.


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Listen to what they tell you

In all honesty, even the best parent can zone out a bit when their kids’ ranting about the latest Xbox release. But, if ever there was a time to pay attention, it’s now. Instead of switching off, listen to everything they mention about their hobby. They may tell you new games their friends have or new releases they’re excited about. Play it cool and don’t let them know you’ve noted it. Then, head online as soon as they’re gone and buy the thing!