Save Money and Save The Planet

If there’s one thing that my family is guilty of it’s definitely the super long super hot showers. My daughter is the worst of all as she seems to lose track of time while she’s in the shower and the next thing you know the hot water has also disappeared. Though, I will admit that I am definitely guilty of it too- especially late at night after a long day.

I’ve been considering how much our habits contribute to the community and the world in general. I wanted to learn more ways on how we can conserve energy, protect our planet, and maybe save some money in the long run as well. It hit me as I listened to the shower water run.

I wondered how much of a difference a tank heater and solar powered water source would make. Let’s face it, we go through some energy with our long showers. Between the hot water, lights, and water output- it’s sure to be one of the higher energy sucking habits we have. I’m sure we can’t be alone on that either.

Having a solar water heater system is a cost effective way to produce hot water for your home that’s fueled by the sun. It can be used in any climate and reduces your energy output. They are fairly low maintenance and easy to upkeep. Durham Instruments offers a lot of sensors that may be useful, but professional installation is recommended.

There are also plenty of other ways to reduce your energy use. Using energy efficient light bulbs, turning off unused electronics and unplugging items not in use. You can lower the temperature on your water heater and time showers to use less water. You can carpool to work, school, events. Use natural sunlight whenever possible and take advantage of weather stripping.

What ways do you reduce your energy usage? Have you considered solar power or wind power for your home?

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