Reaching Your Life Goals: Don’t Let Your Finances Hold You Back!

When you have money, you never think about it. It’s not a factor that governs your life choices; nor is it something that you need to take into account. Whether you are considering going travelling, starting a business, or investing in a property of your own, money doesn’t tend to come into it, when you have enough of it, that is.

But when you are someone that lives off a smaller amount of funds and struggles to make ends meet, a person’s finances can impact their life goals. It’s sad but true that for a lot of people, money (or a lack of it) prevents them from going after their life goals. However, this shouldn’t be the case.

People who let their lack of funds hold them back will always regret it – that’s a fact. The good news is that just because money is tight, it doesn’t mean that achieving life goals is impossible, it’s just a case of taking a more realistic approach, that’s all.

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Goal setting is vital

It’s a commonly accepted concept that setting goals will lead to success. By making goals, life becomes better as goals are being worked towards each day. The issue is, of course, that when funds are a problem, many people choose not to set goals, losing sight of their aspirations because of money.

However, this does not have to be the case. Money doesn’t have to define a person’s life goals and achievements. Whatever the goal and the cost of achieving it, there are ways that any issues with funds can be worked around. It may just require some creative thinking, that’s all.

So, with that in mind, what are the most common life goals that people have?

  • To buy a property of their own.
  • Have a family.
  • Start a small business.
  • Going travelling.
  • Attending university or college.

Those are the five most common life goals that people tend to have. The question is, how can these be achieved when money is an issue?

Smart steps can make money less of an issue

The fact is that a lack of funds does not necessarily mean that a person’s goals can’t be met. It is just a case of being smart about it, that’s all.

For example, say a person’s life goal is to own their own home, instead of renting, but they can’t afford to buy a property on their own. The answer could be to look into mortgage lenders in the area and find out the amount that could be borrowed and the amount that would need to be saved up. That way, the process of buying a property and getting the funds required should be easier. Or, another option could be looking into shared ownership.

Another example could be starting a small business – something that is impossible without a budget. There are plenty of business loans and grants available; it’s just a case of applying for them and being smart about spending. Always check if you’re eligible for certain loans or grants first; a good one to check out is usda small business loans. These are loans for businesses in rural areas who are in need of credit and 97% of USA businesses are eligible, so it’s worth checking out! As owning a business is many people’s dream, it’s important to try and achieve this if you can. Although it may seem difficult, there are numerous services and companies out there that can offer support for new businesses. For example, some startups might not understand how to properly value their business. This is where new businesses could benefit from the help of a company offering san francisco 409a valuations. Startup businesses have to complete this appraisal of their common stock every year, so it might be worth getting some help to ensure it’s being completed correctly. There are so many other things that business owners need to do as well. It can be hard to remember it all!

Or, say, for instance, travelling is a life goal that a person has but money’s too tight to stretch that far. The answer could be to work while travelling, either picking up odd jobs or freelancing. The internet has meant that it is now possible to work from anywhere, which makes working while travelling a whole lot easier. This is something I had to do when I was planning my trip to the Philippines. I didn’t work over there, but I did have to find the odd part time job just so I could have extra money for the trip. If you know that the job you’re going to have will have you travelling around a lot then don’t take a big heavy suitcase with you, use something that is light and portable like one of the PNW waterproof backpacks. A backpack will be easier to transport than a suitcase. Plus, there are always ways on saving money when it comes to travel on you holiday. A friend of mine recommended that I looked into using a service such as Coda Lines Online Booking to secure transport that will get me successfully to and from destinations. This was a great idea, as I didn’t have to worry about it during my holiday and meant I didn’t have to wait behind a queue of people to book transport. See, there are always ways around things, especially when it comes to financial situations. You just need to priorities and save.

The fact is that when it comes to life goals, finances (or a lack of them) does not have to be the reason why these goals aren’t met.

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