Preparing For Property Purchasing And Moving

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Whether you are downsizing, moving into your first home, any other type of property purchasing there are headaches that could be just around the corner for you. The stress of moving home is one that rivals the most intense of moments as you try to organize your life into compartments to please the bank, the movers and yourself. Finding the right house to move to can be frustrating and time consuming if nothing is catching your eye. Of course, you can always look at having your home custom built for you by home builders Charleston or somewhere more local to you, so your moving can be more about your new home and not about all the other things you have to change. Moreover, a good friend of mine has recently moved home and she told me that tracking down her dream home was actually the hardest part of the entire process! She spent hours scouring raleigh homes for sale until she finally found the right property for her needs. Just remember to take your time, and it will all be worth it in the end. Here are some ways that you can relieve yourself of some of the pains that are associated with moving or at least alleviate the pressure.


It doesn’t matter what you are doing in life, the pressure of money is never too far behind, and that is never truer than when you are looking at moving property. The reason for that is that it is an expensive thing to do, the housing market doesn’t show much interest in subsiding and therefore anyone who is looking to buy is going to need a substantial deposit and a friendly mortgage to get them by. Let’s take a look at some of those ideas a little closer.

  • Savings

Before you have even considered a property, you should be saving money so that you are secure in the knowledge that comes the day you need a deposit; there is a ready-made one in your bank account. There are several ways to go about this process, one would be to open up a certificate of deposit that allows you to put your savings into an account that has a fixed term interest rate. What that means is that no matter the fluctuations in the market, you will continue to earn interest at an agreed upon rate over a set time period. However, be aware, you usually can’t withdraw your money from this account during that fixed term.

There are several types of savings accounts and getting yourself into a position that you can make the most of them is going to be vital. Make sure you are using tools like comparison websites and discount websites to reduce your outgoings so that your income isn’t all spent before you can safely store some away.

  • Mortgage

The next step is to secure your mortgage. There are many variables to consider when it comes to agreeing this part of your property purchasing and they mostly will come down to your deposit and your personal preferences. You should ensure that you speak to a mortgage broker at length before you set yourself up so that you are in a position to make a well-informed decision rather than one based on an overload of detail and not much substance.
Something to consider when it comes to agreeing your payments with the bank is mortgage discount points. You might be able to get a reduction on your interest rate if by paying for the privilege. This is just one of the many benefits that you should explore before agreeing your mortgage deal.

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Once you have sorted your finances and agreed the sale of a property, the next step is to start the moving process. But just when you thought the headache was over, a fresh one starts to rear its ugly head. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid getting dragged into some hell of moving home without a plan.

  • Organisation

The first thing to do is organize everything in your home to within an inch of its life. That means taking every room one by one and detailing everything with precision. You should attempt to organize your belongings into three piles:

  1. Throw Out
  2. Storage
  3. Making the Move

The idea here is to set yourself with a situation that makes life easier to compartmentalize and prepare for moving day.

  • Clearing Out

Anyone who has ever moved home will tell you that this is the perfect opportunity for a bit of spring cleaning. A chance to clear out the stuff you no longer have a place for and start fresh at the new home. It doesn’t matter the size of the property you are moving to, this is your chance to get rid of the clutter and begin a fresh collection. Now, that isn’t to say that you should be throwing out all of your belongings, but be selective what is make the move with you. This is the thought process behind the three piles; the first is to be thrown out, the second is for things you’re unsure about so should be taken to storage on a time limit and the final one is to come with you.

  • Carpet Cleaning

It’s always a good idea to clean the carpets in your home before selling your property. You can either hire a steam carpet cleaner to do the cleaning yourself, or hire an affordable carpet cleaning company to do things for you. To hire a carpet cleaner can cost somewhere in the region of $40-$50 per day, plus you have to factor in the amount of work involved. Using a professional carpet cleaning company can sometimes work out more cost-effective. If you have pets then deep cleaning your carpets is especially important. If this is the case for you and you are happy to do the work yourself, or plan on regularly deep cleaning your carpets, then you might want to read this article on pet carpet cleaners at Pawgearlab. Your prospective buyers will certainly appreciate having clean carpets in the home and this in turn can help you sell your property a lot quicker.

  • Move

Once moving day is upon you the time has come to load up the boxes and get moving. Before this day does arrive you should ensure you hire a removals team, they are professionals who will make this process a lot easier and efficient for you. Remember, the idea is to eliminate stress and enjoy the home you have gone through so much to live in. Also, it may be worth hiring a professional cleaning company like Simply Maid to clean your new house before you move in, so everything is fresh and ready to make it your new home. I’ve seen nightmare stories where people move in and the house is disgustingly dirty, so it would definitely be worth considering!

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