Preparing For A House Move Is About More Than Putting Your Property On The Market

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Whether you’re planning a house move for the sake of space, new horizons, or an entirely different location, this is a time of major upheaval. After all, selling a house in itself is a colossal task, with the need for realtors, real estate photography, and goodness knows how many house views. As such, preparation is key.

But, there are more ways to prepare than just putting your house on the market. In fact, with every aspect of your current lives about to change, considering the entire scope of a house move before the event is non-negotiable, especially with a family in tow. 

The question is, aside from all that marketing mayhem, what exactly does house move-prep look like? 


Preparing the waters for a new mortgage deal

Unless you’re lucky enough to have money in the bank, you’re likely planning to fund at least some of your house move with a new mortgage. That means you need to get your credit file back up to scratch.

After all, the fact that you were approved for a mortgage a few years ago sadly doesn’t mean automatic approval this time, especially if you’re planning to change mortgage providers. The best thing you can do to prepare is, therefore, to start working on your credit rating again. How you do this depends on your circumstances. It may be that you simply repay any outstanding loans, or you may prefer to apply for credit cards that could lead you back to green. Or, perhaps you simply want to keep an eye on things to ensure you stay on track.

Either way, you need to take action at least a few months in advance, because changes can take a while to filter through. And, the last thing you want is for that positive change to make no difference when the time comes to apply. 

Laying the foundations for a new school

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If you’re moving long-distance or even a few hours away, then preparation doesn’t only impact you. With school moves inevitably on the cards, your kids are also about to experience some pretty significant shifts. And, again, taking action sooner rather than later is the best way to ensure a smooth journey when the time comes. 

Fundamentally, ensuring the life your kids want, even in that new location, means getting a headstart on school applications. At the very least, you should research any available school reports for your new area of choice, and get an accurate feel for waiting lists, etc. That way, you have options to fall back on when you finally have an address that puts you in the catchment. 

Note, too, that laying the foundations for a school move doesn’t just mean putting practical plans in place. It’s also vital to note that this change is set to take a huge toll on your youngsters. As such, laying emotional foundations that help them to find closure with their current school is essential to ensure that they don’t feel suddenly swept out of their comfort zones. Of course, to some extent, a few tears are inevitable, but the longer you give them to say goodbye, the less risk there is of upset that plagues their first few months in a new school


Addressing the emotional side of leaving

It’s not only your kids who need to prepare in advance for the emotional side of leaving your current home. You, too, are about to experience some major upheaval. Worse, once you’re in the thick of moving stress, you may struggle to process or even acknowledge these feelings as they arise. This can lead to discontent, increasing stress or anxiety, and a general feeling of malaise once you’ve moved. 

As such, you should take steps to tackle the emotional side of leaving before you truly set the wheels in motion. How you do this is, of course, up to you, but focusing on the positives of an upcoming move is certainly a good place to start. Equally, putting plans in place for yourself, including making work adjustments or meeting new friends in the area you plan to move to, can make a difference. 

Most simply of all, you want to take this time to get plenty of rest. You might not have much chance for that once you get those moving wheels in motion, but approaching a house move as refreshed as possible is essential. So, make the most of these last lazy days in the home that’s served you so well. Lie in a little longer during the mornings, and spend plenty of home days from now until you can’t anymore. That way, you should be emotionally ready by the time you list your house at last.

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Tackling the practical side of your belongings

Last but not least, now is also the ideal time to turn your attention to your belongings. After all, you’ll have packing boxes in every room within a few months, all things allowing, and then you’ll find it increasingly difficult to get a hold on everything. Worse, you may end up packing items that you simply don’t need in your new property!

Make sure it doesn’t happen by doing a sort of inventory now, while you have the chance. Take note of what you have and what you want to get rid of. Then, either give away the stuff you don’t want to hold onto or sell it. That way, you save yourself the backbreaking work of packing it up to take with you. And, you also ensure that you arrive at your new house fresh, and with only the belongings that you need to create the home of your dreams. 


A final word

Putting your property on the market is always going to be stressful, but it’ll be a whole lot more so if you don’t first lay the right foundations. These steps can help you do just that, and should at least allow you to focus more at the job in hand when the time comes to leave at last.


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