Celebrate Christmas In July With Jammies from Ugly Christmas Sweater {Review + Giveaway}

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If there’s one holiday that I could celebrate all year long, it’d be Christmas. Don’t get me wrong it’s not my favorite holiday, but it comes in close with second place and there’s something to love about the joy that the Christmas season brings. Everyone seems to be more cheerful with friends and family around, even in the chaos of crowded stores and never ending shopping lists. Christmas lights brighten houses and light up the streets. The movies are full of hope and family laughter. The music is more upbeat. The weather is delightful as kids play in snow. See, there’s so much to love about the Christmas season!

Christmas also brings cozy jammies and ugly Christmas sweaters that we all get to vote on during the office contest! Uglychristmassweater.com has all of your cozy Christmas needs! There’s no need to wait for December though when you can celebrate Christmas in July!

It wasn’t hard to pick out jammies for the whole family. We all adore the Home Alone series and there’s an adorable pajama jumpsuit that features the all too popular “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” quote from the movie! It’s the perfect jammies to curl up and enjoy the movie in or even to wear on pajama day at work/school. It really kickstarts the joyful feeling!

There’s a variety of sizes to choose from and they are true to size. I love the fit and the zipper closure. It’s 100% polyester and super soft. My daughter immediately curled up in it and asked for a Home Alone movie night. We are highly impressed with the quality and style offered with these adorable pajamas.


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Hurry on over to uglychristmassweater.com to purchase all your Christmas gear! The Detroit-based company has a variety of pajama jumpsuits, pajama pants, sweaters, 3D sweaters, and more.

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Enter to win your own Christmas Jumpsuit from Ugly Christmas Sweater! Giveaway ends on 8/2.

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When Life Hits You With Drama & Bills

Life is a rollercoaster of good and bad news. You never really know what is going to happen until it is too late. While nobody likes a bad surprise, we all know that there’s something about drama: It always comes at a cost. At first, it’s a phone call out of the blue or a knock at the front door, and the next minute your life is changed forever. There is no easy way to let you know that the person you share breakfast with every day is now gone. But, after the shock comes a fear. How are you going to pay for everything? Coping emotionally is hard enough. You need to take time to mourn. But you may not have the luxury of time when you need to pay the bills.

Have faith people

Can you find support for your situation?

Nobody is prepared for the death of a loved one. But discovering that their death could have been avoided is like being stabbed through the heart. Nobody can take the pain away from you. Only time can help you to heal. But what legal experts can do for you is to help you find the financial support you need – check Eric Ramos Law site for more information about death caused by negligence. Of course, no compensation can replace the person you love, but it can offer stability in a time of need and protect your lifestyle. 

Could there be another way?

Did you know that you can use a previous structured settlement to tackle unavoidable shortcomings? Indeed, when a loved one dies, it’s always a difficult situation. But if the person was a sibling or a close relative who is leaving a family behind them, you know that they will be the ones having to deal with unexpected costs. You can sell out your settlement to provide financial support and help your relative’s family handle the situation. 

There are people out there ready to help

You are never on your own. There are plenty of charitable organizations and helpful businesses that exist solely for such situations. From the Salvation Army to church assistance programs, all states and cities offer a helping hand to those who struggle. When you are facing bills you can’t pay after the death of a loved one, you can find emergency assistance for your rent, food and other necessary expenses. Additionally, a lot of businesses are open to discuss terms of payment when they understand your situation. 

Have a little faith in humanity

People are good. It’s a basic rule of humanity. Most people would try to help when they can. Websites such as Good news Network have built an audience by sharing stories of people helping each other in times of need. Whether it’s the policeman paying for someone’s grocery shopping or the community that gets together to learn sign language to welcome their first deaf member, everybody tries to help. Ask around you if you feel you can’t handle things anymore. You’d be surprised by the positive responses. 

There is one basic rule in life that applies no matter which situation you face: Help is always available if you know where to look. Whether you are the one who needs to pay after someone’s death or whether you know the family, remember that you are never alone.

Barnes & Noble: Kids Can Earn A FREE Book This Summer!

Barnes & Noble is bringing back their Summer Reading Program  this year. This is a great way to encourage and reward your little ones to read books! Kids that read 8 books and record them in their Summer reading journal will earn a FREE Book!

  1. Kids will read 8 books of their own choosing and record them in the log and answer the questions asked. You can get your log at any store or print them at home (English or Español)
  2. Once complete, they can take their completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store between August 1, 2019 and August 31, 2019
  3.  They will get to choose a FREE book from the book list featured on the back of the journal. Books vary by grade.