5 Ways to Move With Ease!

Moving can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Your new journey is exciting and ready to be uncovered, while there’s still a million things you need to do before it becomes your reality. There are things you can do to cut back on the stress that comes with moving, including following a  moving day checklist.

Know your Destination!

How far away are you looking to move? are you looking for a big city like Tuscon or a smaller city on the outskirts? What’s the weather like where your moving? How far will you have to drive to get groceries? A hospital? The doctor? A gas station? These are things you will want to consider when you’re deciding where to move.

Pack With Unpacking In Mind!
Packing is usually easy and quick. However unpacking can take weeks or months.  You’ll want to pack with the unpacking process in mind. Make sure to pack room by room and label the boxes. It’s even a good idea to keep a record of the contents of each box. It’ll save you time in the long run!

Essentials Box!
I highly recommend packing an essentials box. This box should contain 1-2 days worth of clothes, any medications, essential beauty items, anything you may need for work, important documents, etc.

Hire Professionals

Many people avoid using  professional moving services because they fear the cost that can quickly rack up. I recommend taking the time to educate yourself on a few companies before brushing them off. It may be more cost effective and less stressful to hire the professions.  There are companies that will come and pack everything for you as well as some companies that simply load, transport, and unload your belongings.

Room By Room
Just like you packed room by room, you’ll want to unpack room by room. As you unload boxes place them in the room that’s on the label.  You can begin unpacking  once everything is unloaded. I recommend starting with the common rooms- living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. Everyone can help unpack these rooms, which will  make things go faster. Then each person can unpack their own rooms. Before you know it you’ll be moved into your new home.



Blogging: Turning Passion Into Profit!

Many people decide to start a blog because they think it’s an easy way of making money from home. From the outside looking in, it seems pretty straight forward. However, it’s definitely not as easy as it looks and you have to put in a ton of work to make a profit from it.  There’s never an actual “off day” and sometimes you’ll search for inspiration and come up empty handed, but if you can look past the downfalls- blogging can be very rewarding.

Know Your Focus
What is it that you enjoy talking about? Is that something that you could talk about with a total stranger? Are you passionate about a particular topic? These are questions to ask yourself as you begin this journey. You’ll want to know what your website it about because that’s how you gain readers. You can even cover multiple topics as long as you keep it balanced. This website will help you uncover your writing passion and unlock some ideas for you.

Uncover SEO and gain readers
Having a successful blog is more than having a great topic with plenty to say. It’s also about how you draw readers in and keep them coming back. To really get this ball moving, you’ll want the best SEO company.

Invest In Yourself. 
I am all about investing in yourself and building from that. There are quite a few free blogging platforms out there so that you can test the waters and see what you’re made of. I recommend starting there to begin with to see if it’s something that you want to stick with. However, as soon as you feel comfortable- invest in yourself and  purchase your domain and hosting.  Not only will it make your website more memorable, but it’s also more professional. 

Get Social!
Engage with your readers! This can be done by comments left on your website or by social media pages. Yes, you should create social media accounts for your blog. Make sure to engage with readers there as well.

It takes time and dedication to build a successful blog. Don’t give up if it takes more time than you originally expected. It can take months before you begin making a profit from your hard work and dedication, but stick with it!






Increase Your Home Value with Curb Appeal.

Let’s talk curb appeal and how it increases your home value!

Regardless of whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or whether you’re making some home improvements, there’s a million and one ways to upgrade your curb appeal and increase your home value!  It doesn’t matter whether you live in Phoenix  or a small town in the middle of nowhere, you always want your home to feel welcoming and up to date.  This doesn’t have to be super expensive or over the top either.

-Updating the paint on the front door is always a good place to start. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole view. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold color either. I’ve fallen in love with yellow, red, and blue doors recently. It’s one of the first things I see when I look at a home. I feel like it really sets the tone and tells me what to expect. You may also want to consider how easy the color will get dirty as well.  Don’t forget a doormat and an updated door knob too!

-Upgrade your mailbox.  Replacing an outdated mailbox can really add to your curb appeal and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.  There’s a ton on the market so really take your time and decide which one fits your home the best. Don’t forget to include your house number too!

-Add some décor to your porch and door.  Adding a wreath to the door or decorating your porch for the season/holiday really makes your home pop and feel inviting. These are also things that can be easily changed out as the season and holiday change and you don’t have to spend much to add a little décor.

-Update your shutters! If you’re shutters are outdated, make sure to breathe life into them. Sometimes you can clean the ones you have and add a fresh coat of paint, but sometimes they need to replaced all together.

-Adding a porch swing or  outdoor furniture can go a long way! Not only does this provide you with somewhere to sit and enjoy the weather or read a book, but it also makes your home feel welcoming to others.

-Update your outdoor lighting. Indoor too, for that matter. I loved browsing for new exterior light fixtures.  You’ll want lights that illuminate your entryway and make it safe. There’s a ton of styles on the market so it won’t be hard to find some to add to your home. Don’t forget flood lights, walkway lights, landscaping lights, etc.

-Declutter! I can’t say thing enough! I hate seeing yards that are piled high with clutter. Not only is it decreasing the value of your home, but it’s an eye sore too and surely won’t impress the neighbors. Sometimes less is more and you can learn all about that over at this website.

-Add some flowers! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference flowers can make in your yard. You can use flower boxes along your windows, pots on your porch, or even go all out with a flowerbed. Add your own touch to it and  brighten things up! If you’re not a big flower person, add some bushes or plant a new tree.

-Put the hose up. Put it in a decorative spot or use a water hose post. Simply get it off the ground.