Online Shopping: How To Save Money At Bath & Body Works!

I absolutely love finding promo codes to help save some money at checkout when shopping online. After all, who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their home, saving time, saving money, and having their order delivered to their doorstep! That’s shopping at its best!

I don’t know about you, but I always look for savings codes when checking out. I hate leaving that beautiful promotional code box blank. It literally makes my stomach hurt. I love shopping online at Bath & Body Works. They offer such a variety and there’s always a hot new fragrance of the season that I have to get my hands on. So what happens when you don’t have a promotional code available?

Fall is right around the corner so that means tons of yummy new scents and candles galore at my house! Bath & Body Works usually has some sort of sale going on, but that doesn’t stop me from finding a promotional code to pair with my order. Finding the perfect fragrance is easy. Finding a Deals4Boomers coupon code to go along with my order may not be as easy though.

Like most stores, Bath & Body Works offers a newsletter, which may or may not contain a coupon code. I love joining newsletters because it’s a great way to learn about new items and you can snag one time coupon codes every now and then as well.

To join their newsletter, you’ll click on “first look” in the top left hand corner of the page. Afterwards, it will pull up a new page where you can submit your email. Signing up didn’t automatically send me an email with a coupon code, but I know it will pay off in the end.


So what happens after you have joined the newsletter, but you still don’t have a coupon code to use? This is generally where most people turn to Google for help. Naturally, the top several results are widely known coupon sites. Coupon sites are great because deal hunters everywhere are willing to share great deals, sales, and even one time use coupon codes that would otherwise go unused! However, not all coupon sites are created equal and most have the same generic coupon over and over that may or may not work.


Retail Me Not is a popular coupon site It offers several coupons and even lists a current sale. However, it makes you do extra work for the coupon and it doesn’t list coupons that aren’t widely found online already.

Coupon Sherpa also allows you to score savings. However, the coupons listed here are sales that you can easily find from the Bath & Body Works home page. There’s nothing special here that would save more money or offer an additional discounts to my order.


Slick Deals is another popular site that many online shoppers checkout when looking to score a great deal. It’s user friendly, but makes me work for the coupon code and it’s the same deals I’ve seen on other sites just repeated again.

As you can see, RetailMeNot, CouponSherpa, and Slickdeals all offer savings. Sure these savings will help you save money at checkout, but they make you work for the coupon only to leave you crossing your fingers that it really works at checkout.

Fear not…

Dealspotr is another coupon site, but it’s different from the rest and you’re about to see why…


First, Dealspotr doesn’t make you work for the coupon code. It’s clearly listed, which saves you time and energy. You can easily filter through the type of discount and you can also clearly see how long it’s been since that coupon was validated and the likelihood of that offer working at checkout for you. I also like that it links back to 3rd party deals as well, which ensures that I’m getting the best deal possible.

Clicking on the coupon will give you more detailed information so that you can ensure it’s the right coupon for you.

Now that I’ve found the coupon I want to use, I head back on over to checkout! Once at the checkout I see the blank coupon box staring at me and I enter my coupon code.

I found that using the 20% off code saves me $5.40. I remembered seeing a free shipping offer, which would save me a little more so I head back over to snag that coupon code.

Sure enough, using the free shipping offer saved me a little more money so it was the better deal for me.


As you can see, Dealspotr is a great way to save time, effort, and money on your online purchases. You’ll never leave another promotional coupon code box empty when checking out. Their deals and coupons are easy to find and use. Dealspotr ranks top every time for me because it offers millions of coupons, great users to help validate offers, and an easy to use interface.

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