Nine Reasons Your Newborn Should Have a Daily Schedule

Taking your newborn home the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You will want to spend as much time with the new arrival as possible, but in the first few weeks – if you are lucky – they will spend most of the time sleeping. To make sure they are given the best start in life, and you are not staying up all night with them, you need to introduce a daily routine from the beginning. It will make your life easier, and help your baby make the most out of their new environment, giving them time to get used to the outside world.


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   1. You Can Schedule Household Chores

All new mothers are overwhelmed by the arrival of the baby, and chances are they spent long months making sure that the nursery is ready and all the items are in the right place. Going out to get the right products might seem like an easy exercise, but can be stressful and exhausting. Give yourself a break by making sure you have a few hours for yourself when you can get the house in shape and prepare the family meal. If you know exactly when your baby is likely to sleep, you can even get the laundry done by the time they wake up and demand food.

   2.You Can Get Your Exercise

Fresh air is not only important for your baby, but you as well. You don’t want to be stuck in the house just because your baby is sleeping. Make sure you schedule one or two walks a day, no matter what the weather is like. It will help you reduce your stress levels, and get your little one to fall asleep faster. Spend a few relaxing minutes on the bench in the local park before you head back with your sleeping baby and put them down to sleep, so you can get on with your daily chores without distraction.

   3.Your Baby Will Get Fresh Air

If you visit the store every morning to pick up breakfast, or even get a coffee while you are going for a walk, take your baby with you. Remember that your newborn’s immune system is “work in progress”, therefore, the earlier you introduce them to new temperatures, scenes, and even people the faster they can develop their body’s defense. Even if the weather is really bad outside, and you cannot go on a daily walk, make sure you open the windows at least twice a day, making sure your baby is dressed appropriately.

   4.You Can Share the Experience with Family Members

If you have a routine, you give other family members to have time with your little one, and bond with them. Make sure your baby is awake when your other kids and your spouse come home, and they are happy to have some free play, while you prepare family dinner. Give the little one a bath together. Teach your other kids how to use the gentle shampoo on the baby’s head. Feed the baby and the rest of the family, then they are ready for bed tired out of playing and with their tummies full. Once the baby is asleep, you can spend some quality time with the rest of the family.

   5.They Learn the Rules Better

Remember that every routine will be new for your baby who is new to the outside world. You are the adult and you can make the daily schedule to work for you and your little one. They will learn when they are getting changed, fed, and being given a bath. You will have to adjust the routine as they grow and sleep less each day, but make sure you are not sacrificing your free time just to accommodate your baby’s wishes all the time.

   6.You Can Establish Expectations

Newborns learn faster than you would think. Your baby will expect you to pick them up when they wake up hungry, change them, play with them, and feed them. They will expect bath time at the same time every day. Getting into a routine will teach them the rules and make them feel secure in their new environment. If you keep on changing the rules, however, they will not know what to expect.

   7.Your Home Will Be Much Calmer

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If you have your home full of baby products, you will need to find a place for everything to make sure your guests don’t trip over things, and you feel relaxed at home. If you have a good routine, you can find the time to organize the space and get ready for the arrival of guests, family members, and health visitors. If you know when you have time for yourself, you can have something to look forward to, and schedule daily tasks easier.

   8.Helps You Create Daily Rituals

You want the small baby rituals to be special, and free from stress and anxiety. Make the most out of waking up time, feeding, and playing, as well as the bath times. You will remember bathing your little one for a long time, and can really bond with your newborn in the first few weeks if you develop the right routines. If you are behind schedule and are rushing, however, you will not enjoy your rituals that much.

   9.Promotes Healthy Digestion

While your baby will tell you when they are unhappy and feeding them often calms them down, it can cause several problems in the future. You should be careful with feeding on demand, and make sure your baby gets enough sleep after each meal time, so they can digest the food and turn it into energy when they wake up. If they eat too much, they will feel bloated and not want to go to bed, ruining your daily routine.


Creating a daily routine and giving yourself a few hours to do your chores and spend some quality time with other people is a good way of establishing rules and avoiding anxiety. Listen to the signs of tiredness, hunger, and make sure your baby gets enough fresh air, exercise, and you can create your own rituals that make your bond with the new arrival even more special.