My Top 5 Favorite Kitchen Products!

I’ve always felt comfortable in the kitchen. As a child I loved watching my mom cook, but as an adult I love experimenting with new recipes, trying new ingredients, and challenging myself. Regardless of the task before me, these 5 kitchen products tend to come in handy!

1.mixing bowls

I love having a nice quality mixing bowl set. I prefer stainless steel, but I also have a plastic set as well. The stainless steel looks more professional and is easier to clean as well.  I love this 9 piece set.  When I originally purchased this set it only came with the 3 bowls, but they’ve recently improved the set even further and added lids and grater attachments. They stack neatly inside each other to save space the bottoms and the handles are silicone for a good grip.

2.knife set

Having a nice knife set is also a must have! I’ve tried plenty of knives, but this set is by far my favorite. I love the grips, they are lightweight and easy to use, and they are colorful.  Sure, I prefer black or silver knives traditionally, but these bright colors make cooking so much fun! They also have covers to ensure you don’t cut yourself and to protect the knife when not in use. chopper

A good food processor is a vegan’s best friend! I bought mine before I went vegan, but it wasn’t until I went vegan that I really began putting it to use. I use it nearly every day. Salsa, vegan cheese, shredded veggies, homemade flavored butters, you name it- I’ve done it. I absolutely love my food processor.

4. blender

If you’re in the market for a great blender, the Ninja Master prep is amazing! This is my sidekick for smoothies, chopped veggies,  protein shakes, and adult beverages! I absolutely love how easy it is to use and the  versatility. It’s a must have!

5.silicone utensils

Last, but definitely not least- I adore silicone utensils! They are bright and colorful, lightweight, and easy to use. I love that I don’t have to worry about them scratching my pans. There are tons of sets on the market ranging in colors and price. I have about 5 sets at my house, but they each get plenty of use.

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