Moving to a New Place? Here Are 7 Clever Life Hacks to Spend as Little as Possible

Moving can be an exciting experience; however, it can also be an extremely stressful and expensive time if you’re not adequately prepared. Sometimes the stress might come from just having to sort out your house first before you move. It might be easier to get yourself a cleaner (such as this one from this end of lease house cleaning melbourne company). Once your house is sorted you can then move into your new one. The joy of a new home, a new neighborhood, and sometimes an entirely new lifestyle can really put some pep in your step, so to make sure that you are able to enjoy that without feeling like you’ve put yourself in dire financial straits, we offer 7 clever hacks to spend as little as possible on your move!

  1. Consider moving yourself

Some people find moving stressful even before they see that listing for Homes For Sale In Huntington Beach. We know, this is usually the first thing people tell you not to do, however, if your move is local, you don’t have a ton of stuff, and you have some friends who are happy to help, moving yourself doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Renting a truck and packing your own things is the simplest way to save money on your move. The main trick is making sure that you start early and that you label and pack all your boxes carefully.

  1. Sell stuff

Noticed that things in storage haven’t been touched in a year? Got clothes you never got around to wearing? Sell them instead of moving them!

There’s no point in lugging around stuff you don’t use, and if you are using a moving company, you don’t want to have to pay for anything you 100% aren’t going to use in your new place.

  1. Get your moving boxes pre-used

Don’t buy new moving boxes! Brand new moving boxes sold by companies like U-Haul are quite pricey. Instead, scour classified sights or social media for people giving away or selling their used moving boxes. You can also ask grocery stores for their boxes as well. Alternately, there are smaller transport and logistic companies who offer a full-package to get you moving, boxes, labour and the transportation included. Transpotify is a great place to start looking for competitive prices.

  1. Move in the off-season

This is always possible, but most people don’t realize there is an off-season to moving. The most popular time to move is in spring and summer, with winter being the last time people want to move. While you may be apprehensive, if you’re hiring a moving company they will often give you a great deal for a winter move.

  1. Don’t buy packing materials

You already own loads of packing materials, you just may not know it! Use clothing and blankets to wrap delicate electronics. Use old newspapers to cover glass and plates. None of these cost money, and they will work just as well as fancy bubble wrap.

  1. Get a loan

If you need money to tide you over while your cash is tied up in real estate deals, consider getting a cash advance loan. Quicker than traditional loans from banks, these types of loans–like those offered by–can give you some financial breathing room. However, these type of loans should only be taken out for emergencies. They are very high-interest, so you need to be confident you can pay them back on time.

  1. Protect the expensive stuff

Don’t damage your costly things by trying to cut corners too much. Use a mattress protector, wrap delicate furniture in moving wrap and padding, and save the box from your flat screen TV so that it’s adequately protected. Your move will get expensive if you end up breaking something on the way to your new home.

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