Move With Ease and Less Stress!

Moving can be super stressful, regardless of how much planning you do or how carefully you pack everything. It’s tiring, overwhelming, and takes up a ton of your valuable time. Luckily, there are things you can do to cut back on the stress and make it easier on yourself. My first tip is to have a moving day checklist. There are many of these online and some even begin months in advance so  make sure to check them out!

Decluttering is the first and sometimes the hardest step in the moving process. I call it the 30 day rule- toss it if you haven’t used it within 30 days. There are exceptions to this- is it seasonal? was it super expensive? Was it passed down in your family?  Will it be used within the next 30 days? However, I really try to stick to the 30 day rule if at all possible.

As you begin to declutter things will become clear for you and you can begin to see your belongings in your new home. I prefer to go room by room as it helps keep me organized. I donate whatever I can, and begin packing. To make packing a breeze, everyone packs their own rooms and  the boxes are clearly labeled and organized. Each family member is given a spot for their packed boxes to be placed so that  unloading and unpacking is easier.  Some people make a list of what’s in each box, label them by importance, or even out the box number (#1 of 8). However, we found that putting the room that the box belongs to was sufficient enough for us.

There are items that should be left out for last minute packing, such as your Anthony Expresso maker,  moving day snacks,  a day or two worth of clothing (depending on how fast you get around to unpacking and how clearly you labeled your boxes),  important documents and medical cards,  keys, etc. 

Many people avoid hiring professional moving companies, such as Bekins Moving Solutions simply because they haven’t taken the time to uncover the costs and process.  However, it’s a great thing to educate yourself on because it can make the process so much easier for you.  Don’t be afraid to shop around and find the company that best fits your needs.  Whether you decide to move your belongings yourself or hire the professionals, you should make this decision with plenty of time to ensure everything is all planned out.

Moving day is going to come fast so make sure you’re prepared. Double check to ensure nothing is being left behind. If you opted out of hiring a professional mover, pack the truck in a way that makes it easy to unload. Make sure to keep items that go to the same room together and that everything is secure in the truck.

Once you’ve unloaded, ensure all boxes are in the correct room and begin unpacking.  This can be a tedious process so make sure everyone pitches in. In my home, my kids were in charge of their rooms, but my husband and I took care of the rest of the house. However, you may want to get your kids to pitch in to move the process along. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  Once you’ve settled in, you can begin to enjoy your new home and make memories that will last a lifetime.



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