Money For Nothing?

Well, OK, not exactly nothing, but more how to get money when you don’t have a traditional job. How can you ensure that you can survive financially? Actually, there are a lot of options out there to consider. You just need to pick one that is going to suit your situation the best. Read on to find out more.

Stay at home moms

One of the biggest groups that are not currently in the traditional workforce and that can benefit from some additional money are stay-at-home-moms. Of course, their days are likely to be pretty busy as it is. Which means they will need to consider something that they can happily fit around all the things that they already have to do.



That is why some moms choose to do casual work such as waiting tables in the busy seasons, or even filling in surveys online. As this can be done in front of the TV, or while the little one is napping and still produces a small incline to help out with living costs.




Another group of people that are often concerned about their finances, but are not in the traditional workforce are those that have retired from full-time work. Of course, most retirees have a pension or investments to fall back on when they are no longer working so they can enjoy their retirement.


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However, it is vital that these investments are made properly, while they are still working, for them to pay off beneficially when they do retire.

For example, not many people realize that they can end up getting taxed more on an Individual Retirement Account than if they invested in another way? This could leave them short of their retirement finance goal. Meaning that they are in a position where they need to take on additional work to make ends meet.


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But there are jobs for folks that find themselves in that position. A popular role for retirees is a store greeter, where they welcome shoppers. Or if they fancy something a bit more cerebral to keep the old grey matter ticking over, they can take on some freelance writing work for an online company.

College students

Of course, students are another group that, while they are not in the mainstream working force are often very much in need of cash for their university bills and living expenses.

The good thing about being a student is that for many people, they are in the stage just before they embark on their career. This means that they are already developing employable skills and can set these to good use in the employment market.


For example, those training in art, graphic design, or creative fields may be able to generate extra income by taking in small projects in these areas. Also as an added bonus, they get practical experience for their CV.

The best place to look for these sort of jobs is on freelance sites such as Fiverr. As this allows students to pick and chose the commission they do and work it around their study schedule.

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