Merrick Fresh Kisses- Just In Time For The Holidays! {Review}

Disclosure: I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain my own and were not influenced.

I love to spoil Prince R and Princess X with treats. toys, and tons of love. I especially love treats that allow me to spoil them and also serve a purpose, like Merrick Fresh Kisses! These dental treats are one of a kind and are a total game changer!

I picked up the large treats as both of my pups are well over 50lbs.  They are the perfect size and I love the design. Each end is shaped like a brush to offer double brush action for clean teeth.   It’s also packed with minty fresh breath strips to freshen breath.  Each treat is easily digestible and helps fight plaque and tartar buildup.  They smell minty fresh too!

They are made right here in the USA and the ingredients list is easy to read and understand. I love knowing exactly what goes into my pups treats. They are even grain and potato free, which is another bonus! Gotta love a treat that really thinks of it all and covers all the bases!

I wasn’t sure that Prince R would like them at first, since he hates the mint flavored teeth cleaning gel that I’ve tried to use several times. However, he really surprised me and does tricks for these bad boys! I usually have to repeat myself a few times to get him to calm down so that I can give him a treat, but with these he sits and anxiously awaits his reward. Once he gets it he twirls around and then heads to the bedroom so that he can snack in peace. It’s amazing to watch! Princess X has been picky, but I knew she’d like these. She gobbles them up and then sits under me to beg for more.

Princess X doesn’t  really suffer from bad doggie breath, but Prince R  can breath fire at times. I’ve tried plenty of products that are supposed to help, but this is the first one that really makes a difference. Not only do these treats help clean their teeth, But Rocco can share his doggie kisses as much as he wants now. These treats are miracle workers!

Overall, We really love these treats and love that Merrick has so much to offer! I highly recommend them! They’d make for great stocking  stuffers this holiday season…


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