Making Your Home as Efficient as It Can Be: 8 Tips for HVAC Optimization

In an average home, different sections of energy inefficiency can easily be improved. Nevertheless, people tend to overlook these areas. For instance, when it comes to the HVAC, there are so many ways you can optimize its performance and ensure efficiency. There are many HVAC services available to you that could help you with your home. For example, you may be interested in somewhere like Green Horizon One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning who would provide support with any repairs or optimizations you might need. If you are looking for an HVAC technician to optimize your system, but you’re worried about getting a company to slot you into their busy schedule, you may be happy to know that some HVAC services use scheduling software, similar to software from somewhere like ServiceMax to keep track their customers’ appointments so you will have your HVAC serviced in no time without issue, but I digress. Here are eight different ways to optimize your HVAC system.

1. The Thermostats

A thermostat that has been poorly calibrated will read the wrong temperature and adjust to the wrong weather conditions. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that the thermostats of your HVAC system are calibrated periodically.

2. Economizers

The economizers on air handling may not be working as required. The faulty controls and the slipped linkages result in the poor positioning of the air dampers. You make a quick fix by sticking a 2 by 4 in the outside damper until the repairs are done but you forget about it and the damper remains open when it should be closed. The solution is to check the economizers and repair the broken ones to avoid complications.

3. Coils

The coils of the HVAC systems get dirty. The buildup of biofilm forces the component to work extra hard, thus limiting its efficiency. Clean the coils using the right equipment to get rid of biofilm and other particulate matter.

4. Variable Frequency Drives

When the VFD malfunctions, the technician might place the drive into a bypass position where it runs at full speed while awaiting repair. In most cases, however, such repairs never happen and the motor continues to run at full rpm, interfering with its capabilities to save energy and causing more problems. The solution to this is taking the VFD off the bypass for proper control of the motor.

5. Load Reduction

Load reduction is an effective way of achieving optimization. This process involves a long-range plan that highlights the actions to take based on the ROI. Reducing the load in your building makes it possible for the HVAC system to function efficiently. Technicians such as the Alpharetta HVAC service can help you with the issue of load reduction whenever you need their help.

6. Equipment

HVAC systems that are designed to function during the normal hours of operation but instead work throughout wastes so much energy. The solution to ensuring that the systems perform only when necessary is to install motion sensors and timers. Utilize programmable thermostats where possible and ensure they are well-programmed.

7. Building Automation System

The complex nature of the BAS can increase the risk of poor use of the equipment. Do not install a complex BAS. Get the right information regarding the BAS and how it functions and work with the supplier to get adequate training on the use of the Building Automation System.

8. Sub-metering

Most buildings are designed with a single electric meter. Sub-metering different components such as the plug loads, HVAC system, and lighting will show the areas that utilize more energy. That way, you will be in a position to identify areas with unexpected energy increase making it easier for you to fix the small issues.

Final Word

HVAC optimization is a continuous process that will require examining different aspects of your equipment’s operation, which is lucky when you think that some HVAC maintenance companies offer 24 hour AC repair ensuring your system is operational when needed. Make sure your equipment functions as required and does not utilize more energy than expected.

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