Making Sure You Don’t Get A Raw Deal At The Dealership

It’s something that a lot of us fear when it comes time to buy a new car. The market is so wide and there are so many options that it’s easy to be led astray by a particularly silver-tongued dealer. So, how do you make sure that you end up at the top of every deal? Here are a few tricks to watch out for and a few tips to help you better manage your purchase.

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Get your finances sorted out beforehand

One of the biggest mistakes is going into the dealership without having already secured a loan that will allow you to buy a car, or without having the cash to buy it outright. One of the easiest ways to end up spending too much on your car is to allow yourself to be roped into a financing deal from the dealership, themselves. In the vast majority of cases, you are better able to find loan terms from other lenders than from the dealers.


Not getting a closer look at it

For one, you should always be sure to take the car of your choice out for a test drive. Pay attention to the steering, brakes, suspension, and every aspect of the ride. If something feels off, then note it down. If you’re getting closer to purchasing the car, then have a trusted mechanic take a closer look at it for you. Any lingering problems could turn you off the car or at least help you knock down the price.


Know your legal rights if you get a dud

Most dealers and sellers aren’t going to intentionally try and sell you a lemon. However, the unfortunate reality is that there is a decent chance you could drive away from the dealership in a car that’s much more likely to malfunction that it should be. However, firms like the Law Office of Darin Siefkes can help you ensure you get the refund or repurchasing that you have a right to. There are laws to protect customers in the event of buying a “lemon,” so it’s worth having a contact in mind if that happens to you.


Don’t get talked into buying all kinds of extras

Once they have you ready to agree on a particular car, a lot of car salespeople are then going to try and upsell you on all kinds of packages and extras. Needless to say, their job relies on their ability to persuade, so they may make it sound like a great deal. However, these are tactics to pressure you into buying things you don’t need. Do your research on the extras you can get ahead of time, as shown at Silt, when you have more room to consider whether you really need or not so you can be more firm about your decision in the moment.


So long as you stay cool, and always remember that you can just walk away if you’re feeling pressured, you can stop dealers from taking the upper hand and ensure you get the car that you need.

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