Lovingly Signed: Finding The Perfect Baby Gift!

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Babies bring so much joy to our lives. I love all things baby, but shopping for baby is my all time favorite. Okay, so maybe I have baby fever a little. Even if that wasn’t the case, shopping for baby is so much fun! There’s a million things to choose from and each one cuter than the last. Luckily, Lovingly Signed helps me stay on budget and not go too crazy all at once.

Lovingly Signed offers soo many cute gifts for baby. The site is well organized and easy to browse. I love the layout and how easy it is to shop. The pictures are crisp and clear and each item comes with a well written description so that you know exactly what you’re getting. They offer everything from clothing, towels, toys, gift sets, and more. There are certain things you can buy under the guise of them being for your baby when really they’re for you too, like baby bouncers which keep them busy and let you keep an eye on them easily. Both freestanding and doorway models are great for this so I’d highly recommend investing in one, but in this review we’re focusing on gifts just for them.

One of my favorites are the gift sets! I really like the variety offered and that each one can be personalized. You can get sets with stuffed animals, towels, robes, onesies, blankets, and more! The stuffed animals are adorable and come in bunnies, pigs, elephants, unicorns, and more! There are pink sets, blue sets, and gender neutral sets as well. It’s the perfect gift item for any baby shower, newborn baby, or mom to be.

Another item that always makes for a nice gift is a baby blanket. This is one item that new moms can’t get enough of! I had a ton of them when my daughter was born and I never felt like I had enough. You’ll want a nice soft fabric and a cute design doesn’t hurt either.

Hooded towels are a must have for any mom! My daughter is almost 10 now and still loves a hooded towel. It’s convenient, warm, and fun! Lovingly signed has hooded towels with unicorn designs, dinosaurs, sharks, and more. They are super cute, colorful, and well designed. I love the variety offered. I often find myself looking for Unicorn gifts for girls whenever I go shopping for her.

There’s an endless option of adorable baby toys! They offer dolls, stuffed animals, books, and more! I especially love the dancing elephants. They are so cute and come in either large or small. Honestly, I prefer the set together! It’s so adorable and would really take a gift basket over the top! How adorable are the little tutus, slippers, and bows! This has to be one of my top 3 favorites!

This is one item that I’m really jealous of! Where were these when my daughter was little? I can’t even begin to count the number of times I had to dig around under her pillow for a tooth and almost got caught! Luckily, the tooth fairy job just got a little easier with this adorable tooth fairy pillow!

It wouldn’t be a baby site without the obligatory baby bibs either! The super soft bibs come in a set of 3 and offer adorable designs that baby and mom to be will love. They are lightweight and perfectly sized for newborns. There’s a pink set and a blue set. The bibs are great for your little one when they are sat in a baby swing, as when they are having fun sometimes they can get a little bit dribbley! A baby swing is also a great present for a baby, check out this best swing for older babies list if your after one.

As you can tell, Lovingly Signed has a ton to choose from and all options are super cute and make for great gifts. Whether you’re looking to build your own gift set or purchase a gift set that is already put together, they have exactly what you’re looking for!


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