Less Obvious Ways to Save Cash Over the Festive Period

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When it comes to saving a few bucks over the Christmas period, most articles will tell you to shop in the sales, make gifts yourself, and use discount codes. But there are also some other less obvious ways to keep a little more money in the bank. You just need to take a little more care not to allow money to go out on things that can be avoided. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind over the coming weeks.

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Avoid Speeding Tickets

It seems like more people receive speeding tickets in December than any other time of year. Why? Well, there are various potential reasons. Some people will be driving home for Christmas, rushing back to see their loved ones. Many will rush to certain stores or outlets to get their hands on top-of-the-list gifts for their little ones. Others will be trying to make the store before it closes to pick up last minute bits and pieces for the festivities. Sure, the anticipation of the holidays can make you want to get from A to B more quickly than the law permits. But is it really worth speeding for the sake of getting to your destination just a little earlier? You’ll get there eventually anyway! Nonetheless, if you find yourself receiving the wrath of the law then you should contact someone similar to Henrico County Reckless Driving Lawyers. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that you may want to travel as quickly as possible over the festive period, but the law still stands, regardless of how excited you may be to enter the arms of your loved ones, find that prized present, or get home from work to warm yourself in front of the fire. Throughout December, we have more severe weather conditions with chances of wet road surfaces, frost, or ice (including notorious black ice). This can lead to awful accidents at the best of times, never mind if you’re speeding. There also tend to be more hazards around the roads, as children are out of school and may be playing near the roadsides. Traffic can also mean you find yourself quickly approaching sudden jams. Sticking by the speed limit reduces your chances of problems, accidents, and fines. If you do find yourself with a fine, contact a notable attorney such as Powers McCartan. They may be able to help if you weren’t entirely in the wrong.

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Avoid Parking Fines

Much like speeding tickets, the number of parking fines also tend to skyrocket throughout this month. Places of commerce are often much busier and people tend to struggle to find a space to park. This can be frustrating, of course. But just try to hold your patience and wait until someone leaves and frees up a space. While it may be tempting to pull up in a spot that isn’t meant for you, block up someone’s drive, or pull into a space that clearly says “no parking” between given hours, you need to refrain from this. Traffic wardens are out in full force, as they know people are more likely to break the rules. So you can expect to have a hefty fine or clamp slapped onto your vehicle in next to no time if you do try your luck. Also bear in mind that by taking up disabled parking spots, blocking others’ way off their drives, you are inconveniencing others at a time when you should be a little more considerate.

These are just two areas to keep in mind. Take things slow and you will avoid running into trouble. This will keep your pockets heavier and free up more cash to be poured into the festivities.

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