Leaning on My Faith and Finding Jesus { Giveaway}

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I wasn’t always in church and I strayed from my faith  quite a bit as I was growing up. Matter of fact, I can only recall being in church a handful of times as a small child, and then again for a couple of months as a teen. I often leaned on the idea of “Seeing is believing”. I didn’t want someone to tell me about their “miracles”. I wanted something I could see, something I could touch and feel.  It wasn’t until my mid twenties  that I really felt the calling for something to change. There were times when I felt broken and incomplete.  Where I felt hopeless and like I was living each day just going through the motions.

I tried new hobbies, changed up my routine, tried to slow down and get off the fast track I felt I was on. However, regardless of how much I changed around me.. Something was still missing. My husband mentioned going to church one night while lying in bed. I just looked at him and went along with the conversation. It ended quickly, but it continued to be a random conversation every few days.

As we lay in bed one night talking about it, we remembered that a friend of ours had invited us to go with them so we decided to give it a try the following morning. I remember immediately regretting my involvement in that decision as my alarm clock beeped away. I hit snooze a few times, but eventually got up and got ready. As I walked out the door I felt the need to take a deep breath and look back for a second, before closing my front door behind me.

From the moment I stepped into the building I could immediately tell that there was something different. It was unlike any other church I had been to. I didn’t feel like I was in the spotlight and like everyone looked at me knowing I was among the new visitors. I didn’t feel the pressure of speaking to each person. It was calming and oddly inviting.  Slowly, I began to look forward to Sunday mornings and even downloaded some gospel to my playlist.

My daughter began to anticipate each visit and eventually got used to the routine of going. She loved learning about God and all that he has to offer. She loved the environment and felt at home. I began volunteering with the church not long after and soon realized I didn’t feel as broken as I once had. I had opened a side of me that I never really knew existed and it changed everything. I was happy, eager, and motivated. I didn’t feel like I was running on the hamster wheel anymore nor did I feel helpless or alone.

At times I still doubt and I ask for guidance. However, I can think back to the days of feeling broken and alone and I quickly realize that I’m on the right path.  Leaning on my faith to get me through rough times doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid, but more so that I’m not alone in my journey. As humans we all experience fear. It’s a natural emotion. However, my faith helps control how I react to those fears, doubt, and uncertainty.

Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery


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