It’s Time To Check Your Home For Antiques

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Everyone that has ever wanted to make a silly amount of money in an impossibly fast amount of time has found themselves Googling “how to win at stocks and shares”. About 60% of these people then sign up to some Trading For Dummies type of service only to realise it is harder to make money like this than it is to just do their normal job. Why? Because it is so darn complex to begin with and who has the patience for complex?


But what if we told you getting rich quickly could be as simple as walking around your home, picking up that old watch that you found in your Dad’s drawer and taking it to a pawn shop. Seriously. The odds are actually in your favor on this occasion and that’s because one-fifth of Americans have a piece of art in their home worth over $1000 and 16% of homes have antiques worth the same. Yeah, your home is a gold mine.


To give that sudden burst of excitement some direction, we have pulled together a list of the most valuable collectables that could be hiding under an inch of dust in your attic as we speak. This could be your chance to live a life of early retirement.


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  1. Porcelain Can Fetch A Pretty Penny

Most people think you have to have an impeccable Ming vase from the other side of the world in order for ceramics to be worth anything, but this is far from the case. There was a case of “wow, this coffee pot is worth a lot,” a few years ago when a pensioner took a bunch of things to get valued, only to find out his morning routine was worth $51,000.


  1. Anything Deco Is A Definite Find

Dear Baz Luhrmann, thank you for redoing The Great Gatsby and encouraging a sudden surge in Art Deco popularity. Of course, what makes something worth a bob in this area is either a designer with a popular name or an item that really wows. A Tiffany lamp, for example, is a great find, as in furniture from this time.


  1. Now That’s A Good Sport

This is often one of the most overlooked genres in the attic hunting arena, which is absurd because anything from basketball cards to signed jerseys to football programmes have the potential to make your bank account very happy. So long as it is from a memorable game or its been signed from a legend of the sport, your find could be worth a bunch of notes.


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  1. The Hidden Gem Of This Game

When it comes to finding jewellery in your attic, basement, bedroom drawer or wherever, it can be super-duper hard to tell the difference between a real stone that could be you in the realm of David Beckham rich and a fake that will just be embarrassing. It is one of those things that requires a trained eye so, before you just go and give your old jewellery away, make sure you have a pro look at it.