Is Private School Possible On A Budget?

For most parents, making sure their children get the best possible childhood and start to life is their number one priority. And part of that includes getting a fantastic education, so that they are well set up for life as an adult. If you ask most people who to get the best possible education, they will likely all suggest private education. Unfortunately, the fees for private schooling are extremely expensive, and many families on a budget don’t even consider this as a feasible option.

This blog post should change your mind about that, though. There are certain ways you can make private education a little more affordable for your family. You just need to follow these useful tips.

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Think Carefully About The School

As private schools can set their own fees, there will be some that are more expensive than others. So, it’s worth looking at a few different schools to see which one will work out cheaper. Remember that boarding schools are often a lot more expensive than day schools, as you will need to pay for accommodation if you send your child to boarding school. Thankfully, most boarding schools will have day only options, which will be cheaper than boarding.

Boost Your Savings

If you have plenty of savings, then you should be able to dip into these to fund your child’s education. There are various ways you can give your savings a boost, like by getting funding from or starting savings as soon your child is born. Even if you just put away $100 a month, you will find that your savings will have significantly grown by the time your child is ready for school. Don’t just place these savings in a cash saving account, though. It’s a much better idea to put them in investment funds so that they can beat inflation.

Apply To Scholarships

If your child is incredibly talented and gifted, they might be able to gain access to private school on a scholarship. This is when their fees are completely or partially waived. You can find examples of these types of scholarships online at Your child will have to do a test or go through a selection process to try and gain the scholarship. This is one of the best ways for underprivileged kids gain access to private education.

Look Into State Voucher Programs

The following states have all established state voucher programs for private schools: Utah, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and Washington DC. These voucher programs are aimed at low-income families and aim to help them get their children into private schools. Don’t worry if you don’t live in one of these states – most other states offer free pre-school programs at private schools. Once in one of these, you will be able to find other ways your state can help with educational funding.

As you can see, getting your kids to private school doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

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