HUSKSWARE LED Lighting Roller Skate Shoes {Review}

Disclosure: I received the following item at a discounted rate. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company.

My daughter has always loved the idea of shoes having skates on the bottom and she recently fell in love with the LED shoes as well. Combine the two and you get an amazing shoe! Not to mention that blue and pink are her two favorite colors. She really hit the jackpot with these!

They are well made and they fit true to size.  The stitching is well done as I didn’t find any loose stitching.  The colors are bold and stylish. She was really happy with the blue/pink combo.  She also really liked that they offered Velcro straps so that she didn’t have to tie her shoes. She found them to be comfortable and even enjoys wearing them without the front skate inserted.

The skates roll smoothly on a variety of surfaces.  There’s a button on the rear of the shoe that makes the rear skate pop out.  The back skates can be taken out, but there’s also a plastic sliding door that closes to conceal them in the shoe when desired.   The front skates were a little hard to get in and out. However, after a few attempts it has become easier.    When you take the front skates out there’s a plastic piece you cover the hole with so that no debris get in there.  It fits snug so that it doesn’t fall out during wear.

My only complaint as far as the skates go is that the rear sliding door doesn’t secure in place when not using the skates so the door just slides back and forth during use and makes them louder than they need to be.  This seemed to annoy my daughter after some time so she doesn’t wear them as much as she did when she first got them. I like the idea behind the  sliding door, but I wish the rear skates were just like the front ones.

The LED lights are easy to control as there’s an on/off switch at the top inside of the shoe. With a press of a button you light up a room. I was a little disappointed that the lights are not rechargeable. Instead, they are ran off of a non-replaceable battery that is supposed to last approximately 3 months. I think that changing them over to a rechargeable battery would be a huge quality and style improvement.  I also noticed that the pair I received didn’t light up all the way around the base like the ones in the original listing.

Overall,  there are some improvements that need to be made, but it’s a great shoe that your little one will enjoy. I would recommend these to others with the caution of the battery life for the lights and the sliding door not being secured when closed on the rear wheels.


Purchase it!

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