How to Resolve Conflict at Work

Conflicts arise at all points in life, and workplace conflict can be just as challenging as any other conflict on your life. It can sometimes be more challenging than conflict with family or friends, because you may not have such an intimate relationship with the people you work with. Many people are afraid of causing negative situations at work, or don’t want to get other people involved. Most of the time, however, not talking about conflict ends up being so much worse for everyone involved. Bottling things up can mean that you become resentful, and it can have a knock on effect on the place where you work, and the environment in which you work, affecting other people, who were not involved in the workplace. There are healthy ways to go about dealing with conflict, and less healthy ways about dealing with it as well. Here is some advice about how to deal with workplace conflict, and how not to deal with it as well. There are some ideas for everyone, so whatever conflict you might be having at work, there is something here for everyone.






A lot of the time, communication can solve the issue at hand. Whether this be with the person directly, or with a superior, if something is affecting your well being, or your ability to work, this is something you have a right to talk about. If it is a small issue, like someone could tweak their working style to make yours easier, something small like this could be mentioned to the person on question, and hopefully they will take this onboard and change for the better. Depending on what the issue is, and the personality of the person, this could be easy or quite challenging.


Don’t Put Up with Disruptive Behaviour


Conflict can sometimes arise by others being abusive, or simply out of line. This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated and you should report them immediately. This can range from sexually inappropriate comments or behaviour, racism, sexism, transphobia, or any other kind of bullying. As adults this should not happen, and you should not have to put up with this. Reporting this is well within your rights, and you should do it. Don’t feel responsible for the consequences, because hopefully they will learn,a dn not treat others the same way on the future. If you put up with it, they will carry on being disruptive and offensive. If it does carry on, don’t be afraid to enquire with a lawyer or criminal defense lawyer. Don’t be afraid to speak up! A lot of the time ignorance can fuel people like this.


Here are just a few ways to tackle conflict in the workplace, so hopefully you have found something useful here that can help solve your conflict. It is always worth doing something about conflict, and simply talking to the person involved, or someone at work can really help the situation. There are lots of ways to resolve conflict, but being honest, kind but constructive, is a good place to start.




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