How To Make Big Savings On Your Top 3 Household Utility Bills

If you’re looking to tighten your belt went it comes to household expenditures, then look no further than your utility bills. Utility bills aren’t cheap. The average American household spends $2,000 a year. That’s $167 a month. Isn’t there something else you’d rather be forking out that amount of cash for?

There are several ways you can scrimp and save without diving into your utility bills. And who can blame you? The idea of trying to save money on utility bills can be daunting. And it’s often a minefield if you have to contact providers directly. 

Here we’re going to provide you with some straightforward ways to save money on the big 3 household bills. And you won’t have to get on the phone with anyone. What are you waiting for?


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Solar Panels

Now, this might require you to get on the phone with someone. But it’s not to change providers, so it won’t be a complete headache. Fitting solar panels is one of the most guaranteed ways to make significant savings on your electricity bill. If the idea of installation puts you off, try They’re a community solar project committed to connecting people to a solar farm in the local community for renewable energy. And what’s better is there is no need to install solar panels. 


Run Appliances Late At Night

Running appliances late in the evening or before you go to bed can save you big bucks. That’s because energy prices often go on sale. After all, it’s not peak times. Using appliances in the day means they’re being used when everyone else uses them, so energy companies often hike up the prices.


LED Bulbs

Swapping your traditional bulbs to LED ones means you’ll be using more than 80% less energy to have them on. And thanks to modern technological advances, you can get beautiful ones. So they’ll save you money and look stylish.


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Change Your Shower Head

Swapping to a new shower head attachment can save you money with minimal effort on your end. Low-flow showerheads mean you’ll be using less water but will still give you the power shower feeling you love.


Use Your Dishwasher

We tend to think that using our dishwashers will cost us more money. In actual fact, it’s the opposite. You utilize less water with a dishwasher than you do by hand washing everything. Just remember to only run it when it’s full to make the most of every wash cycle. And try turning off the heat dry setting and air drying those pots to reduce electricity usage. 


Collect Rainwater

Installing a water butt to gather rainwater for you will save money when watering your plants. It’s recycling at its best. 


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Wash Clothes In Cold Water

The energy needed to heat water so your laundry can be hot washed is massive. By switching to cold, you save money, and your washing will be just as clean. Switch to a cold water detergent to maximize your cold water power. 


Control The Thermostat

There’s no point heating up or cooling down an empty house. Utilize timers to have the heating come on as and when you need it, and then turn it off again. You can also invest in a smart home system so you can turn off the heating when you’re out and about. This is particularly good if you often rush to work and have no time to turn down the thermostat.


Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans cost much less than ACs’ do to run. So make good use of them in the warm weather. You can even get some window shades to stop rooms from heating up too quickly so that fans can make a real difference. 


Turn The Water Heater Down

Everyone loves a hot shower first thing in the morning. But heating up your water heater to max temperature could be costing you a lot of money. So drop the temperature down, and you can enjoy a warm shower safe in the knowledge you’re not hemorrhaging money. 


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Bonus Round: TV And Internet

Your TV and Internet might be costing you a lot. We all love fast internet and access to the latest shows. But remember, providers are banking on this so they can hike up prices year after year, and you won’t bat an eyelid. 

Make sure to shop around when the end of your contract is coming up. More often than not, providers give massive discounts to new customers, so make the most of it. Don’t forget to let your current provider know you’re thinking of leaving or that you’ve found a better price elsewhere. It’s a very competitive market, so doing this could tease out a better rate, and you won’t have to change. 


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