How to Care for Your Injured Child

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Kids are risk-takers and sometimes they go a bit too far. Injuries are really common for kids and though a broken bone or two might feel scary at the time, with a trip to the ER or a kids orthopedic practice (click here to see an example) and a cast for a few weeks, they will bounce right back.


Of course, the real problem is that for kids, a few weeks can feel like forever until they get back to normal and caring for them over this time can be frustrating for both of you! So, here are a few things you should try to get you through.

Take Charge of the Recovery

Injuries are scary because you can quickly feel out of control of your own body. The good news is that with a positive attitude both you and your child can battle through and take control. For you, this might mean finding the right attorney to represent your case in court but for your child, it might mean something a little simpler. For example, explaining that taking a particular medicine will help them feel better might soothe their anxieties.


Give your child a chance to decide when they are ready to do things normally again. Naturally, this should be within reason – they can’t stay off school forever! – but giving this extra power to them will help to restore their self-confidence. There’s nothing like an injury to knock a kid’s confidence, so supporting them rather than directing them will help to instill a sense of responsibility.

Distraction and Diversion

While your child is off sick, you will need to come up with lots of different ways to distract them from their injury. Having a broken arm or leg is no fun because it limits the number of activities available but there is still plenty you can do together.


Have a film marathon day, read stories, play simple games like i-spy or alphabet games like I went to market. Another good trick is to give them arts and crafts activities with new skills to learn that will take a good while to complete such as learning to crochet. Of course, video games are also great in this situation, just make sure that you aren’t relying on them for entertainment. Get some quality time together too.

Get Out of the House

Once your child is starting to feel a little better, getting some fresh air is a good idea. Though they might not be able to do all the running and jumping they usually get up to, sunlight is really beneficial and should help their sleep cycle too. Going to community events is also a good way to perk your child up. Seeing their friends and doing other activities should take their mind off their injury.


Being injured isn’t much fun but children are incredibly good at bouncing back. Give it some time, play some games and you will be back to your normal routine before you know it. See this as a natural learning curve – whether it’s a broken arm or a grazed knee, accidents are the best way to learn.


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