Houzem Wooden Hangers {Review}

Disclosure: I received the following item for review purposes only. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company.

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I’ve always used the traditional plastic hangers in my home. I mean, I preferred them over those old wire hangers I grew up using.  They were more durable and much more appealing to the eye. However, with kiddos, I’ve noticed how easily they break.  I’ve searched for a more durable hanger and these were exactly what I was looking for!

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This set of 20 brightly colored wooden hangers arrived quickly and were well packaged. The easy to open box fit the hangers perfectly and offered a cutout on two of the four corners so that you could see a preview of the hangers. Once opened, I found all 20 hangers neatly placed inside with the corners of each securely padded for protection during shipment. There’s 5 blue hangers, 5 brown hangers, 5 purple hangers, and 5 pink hangers. They measure approximately 17.75″ across the bottom and 9″ from top to bottom straight down the middle. The hook swivels for easy hanging and there are notches for dress straps as well.  There’s a clear rigid sleeve over the base of each hanger  to help prevent pants from falling off as well.

2016-07-21 15.31.31

The hangers are well made and lightweight.  The different colors allow me to color coordinate each family member’s hanger set as well. Purchase a few of these sets and you’ll be ready to organize every closet in the house! I love being able to color coordinate the hangers because it makes it easier when laundry time rolls around.  However you could always organize by season or clothing style if you preferred.

2016-07-21 15.32.31

These hangers are great for all clothing styles. My kiddos use them just as well as we do and their clothing doesn’t fall off or need to be stretched to fit. They are wonderful! Overall, I am very impressed with these hangers and would definitely purchase them again! They’d make for a nice housewarming gift.

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