Foreyy Harness and Leash Combo {Review} #HolidayGiftGuide2016

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My pup, Rocco, is my world! I never realized just how big he was going to get when we first got him, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world! He’s fun to play with and an even better companion. He truly lights up my day… until it’s walking time! You see, Rocco is 61 pounds and he is super strong! He enjoys walks, but it’s more like he walks me instead of the other way around.  I’ve been looking for a stylish harness that helps contain his pulling, but many fell short on those expectations. Luckily, this set is unlike any other we’ve tried. It arrived quickly and was well packaged.

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The orange and black coloring is stylish and easily seen. The harness easily adjusts to provide a perfect fit for your pup and is easy to put on as well. It only took me a few seconds to slide it over his head, adjust it, and snap it closed on both sides. The snap closure is strong and durable, yet easy to use. It won’t pop open when walking- even if your pup tries to pull. There’s a sturdy and durable ring at the top for leash attachment. There’s also a thick handle so that you can easily grab your pup during an emergency with total control. This also comes in handy when you are leash training a pup as well.

The sizing is accurate and easy to adjust as well. Based on the size chart provided, I ordered the Large for my pup and it fits perfectly! It’s secure and comfortable for him, while still giving him room to grow as well. The leash matches the harness perfectly and provides the perfect amount of space for your pet to roam, while still providing you with complete control. The leash features a large swivel hook, which rotates and allows your pet to move around without tangling up. The handle on the leash is well padded and easy to grip. The middle of the leash also features a bungee so that your pup doesn’t pull when walking. This is a huge plus for me!

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Rocco seems to enjoy this harness and doesn’t chew on it nor does he try to escape it while walking. I’ve tried several different harness and leash sets and have never been so impressed! Rocco walked wonderfully with this set and didn’t pull a single time. I was able to control him, while still allowing him free range of movement and roaming room. Overall, I am very happy with this harness set and would definitely purchase it again.

*well made
* easy to put on your pup
*helps with pups that tend to pull
*no irritations
*secure and comfortable fit
* accurate sizing
* hook swivels on leash
* fully adjustable
*leash features a bungee center
*handle on harness for emergencies
*high quality
*very well made

Purchase it!

Hurry on over to Amazon where you can snag your very own Harness and Leash set! This set is currently priced at $28.99.l Remember that Amazon pricing is subject to change at any time with or without notice.