Food For Thought: Making Money With Your Passion

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Food is constantly on your mind and you shouldn’t be ashamed. Deciding what you are going to eat next is a guilty pleasure in life that most of us understand. It’s as if one bad meal can ruin the whole of the day. Having a passion is one thing, and taking part in it is another, but what making money? Is it possible? In today’s world of technology and opportunity, anything is doable as long as you know the steps to the dance. With that in mind, below are the money-spinners that involve food in some way shape or form.


Bon appetit!


Stocks And Shares


Usually, you make stock and sharing it with friends and family. After all, sharing is caring. But, this phrase has a different meaning in this context. The stock market is coming back to life after a dip, and now is the time to strike. All you have to do is find an option that is underrated or over performing and pump in cash. If you need inspiration, take a look at this Chipotle stock symbol which currently has a score of 53. Historically, its rating is around the 50 mark, which means now is an excellent time to buy. Just be sure to get out before it dips back down again.




The internet is usually where the action is at, as the cool kids say, but dead trees have potential too. Yep, people still buy books and read them on real pages and everything! You don’t like the idea, not because of a lack of interest, but because you think you’ll never get published. Well, anyone in the world can release a cookbook thanks to self-publishing programs run by the likes of Amazon. With a range of family recipes that have a twist, the book could bring in a bit of extra cash. Consider releasing an e-book version just in case.




Those that can’t teach according to the saying. Don’t listen to the haters because they are cowards. You have a skill and should share it with the rest of the world. At the least, it will be a small group of people from the local community. Anyone can host cooking classes, so there’s no need for any qualifications. However, your food will have to be tasty and delicious. Otherwise, they won’t need your help. Advertising also helps because it makes the course appear professional. Plus, you can sell copies of your cookbook.




Bona fide judges are paid to eat luxury dishes and offer their opinion. It’s the dream and it’s quite attainable. In the beginning, there’s a chance you won’t get paid, but you can work up to that goal. The key is to develop a following that listens to your opinions and reads your posts. A blog is a fantastic help. Then, you can contact restaurants and ask if they would like a review. Thanks to your online community, they should say yes and offer you a meal on the house.


Are there any other ways to make money from food? Get in touch and let us know.


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